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Apple just made an announcement that caught some people by surprise. The iPhone 7 Plus is already sold out in all configurations, and that’s before the first brick-and-mortar store even puts the device up for sale. Only the smaller iPhone 7 will be available in stores tomorrow, with the exception of the Jet Black model, which is also sold-out.

Delays and limited availability are nothing new for iPhone launches, but the news that they won’t be able to get the iPhone 7 Plus still caught some Apple fans off-guard.

We talked to the Apple customers in Sydney, Australia who were hoping to be the first persons in the world to take home an iPhone 7 Plus.

By the time Apple staff came out and told everybody they wouldn’t be able to get the iPhone 7 Plus, some of the self-professed Apple fans had been waiting in line in the chilly Australian spring for many hours.

The 30-40 people waiting were understandably disappointed, and some of them quite angry.

“It’s very frustrating that I slept in the rain, in the wind, and in the cold, and I’ve been here all day,” said Bishoy Behman, the 17-year-old holding the first spot in the line at one of Apple’s Stores in Sidney.

“I’ve been laughed at, I’ve been taken photos off, and I’ve been just suffering basically, and in the end it was for nothing. I won’t even get a phone,” he said.

Apple staff told him they don’t have iPhone 7 Plus in stock, but that they can offer him an iPhone 7 instead.

To make up for some of the disappointment, Apple handed the persons who decided to stick around $100 Apple Store gift cards.

Apple watchers online have not taken lightly the news that the iPhone 7 Plus won’t be sold in stores tomorrow. Some think Apple has sacrificed its most loyal fans to sell more iPhone 7 Plus units to online customers.

For the remaining customers at the front of the line in Sidney, this letdown seems to be just another fact of the Apple life. “I am going to stick around and get the 7, just because, you know, I’m loyal and I’m first,” Bishoy told us when we asked him if he’s still planning to spend the night in front of the store. “I will probably queue up next year.”

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