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Water-resistant iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 may be water resistant, but its IP67 protection rating is likely not enough for you to comfortably take it for a swim. And we would certainly advise you don’t get too brave and take your chances, as Apple will not cover water damage under warranty.

Now, if you do want to be able to comfortably get that iPhone wet, your best bet is to find a waterproof case. In this list we will show you some of our favorite options. There will be varying designs, form factors and prices in the list, so there’s something for everybody.

Shall we get started?

CaliCase Waterproof Pouch


One of the best options for smartphone swims is getting a waterproof pouch, and this CaliCase one is our very favorite. It’s very well made and has IPX8 certification, which means you can take it down to 100 feet of water. That’s very deep!

And the best part is that it won’t be exclusive to the iPhone 7. This case fits pretty much any smartphone that isn’t too huge. I have previously used it with a Nexus 6P, which comes with a hefty 5.7-inch screen. Not to mention the more than a dozen colors to choose from and $14.95 price point, which makes it quite the deal.

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i-Blason Waterproof Rugged Case


A waterproof pouch may be great, but some of you may also want more protection for drops. The i-Blason case is rugged, made with a dual layer construction composed of polycarbonate and TPU materials. The main benefit here would be that this is a fully featured protective case, as well as being waterproof. The only issue is that it is also the most expensive unit in this list at $21.99.

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CRONA Sports Armband


Those who go on frequent runs will understand how important an armband is for comfort and listening to music. But a good armband is not just a unit for keeping your phone stuck to your body; it should also protect the device from sweat, splashes and unexpected rain.

The CRONA Sports Armband also fits devices with screens up to 5.5 inches, so you can use it for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The best part is it’s also among the cheapest products in this list at only $9.98.

Stay tuned for more coverage on armbands for your iPhone 7, we’ve got a whole list of them coming soon.

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uFashion3C Running Belt Waist Pack


Not a fan of the armbands? Maybe you prefer carrying your phone around your waist during your workouts. The uFashion3C belt waist pack is water resistant, sweat proof and has access to the headphone jack. It is also super cheap at only $9.95, it fits both iPhone sizes and your keys.

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There you have it, guys. Those are our very favorite waterproof cases for the iPhone 7. Which are you buying? Do you have any other options you prefer?

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