avatarby John CallahamMarch 15, 20170 comments

Most of the rumors about Apple’s plans for the iPhone 8 seem to suggest that the phone will have a large OLED curved screen. However, just how curved will that display actually be on the phone? A new report suggests that the curves on the iPhone 8 may not be as pronounced as other phones with similar displays like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

This latest report comes from Japanese-based Nikkei, via unnamed sources. It states that the curved screen on the iPhone 8 will be “gentler” than the one found on the Galaxy S7 Edge. It adds that this is due to Apple dealing with unnamed challenges in the making of the curved glass covers that can match up with those new displays.

The story adds that the curved screen will allow a viewable area of about 5.2 inches on the iPhone 8. This seems to be a bit on the small side, since many other rumors claim the phone will have a larger 5.8-inch screen. The story also states the curved display won’t have any extra functions. If true, this is in contrast to the Galaxy S7 Edge, which gives owners the option to place app icons on those curved edges, along with other features. Ironically, the report says the curved screens on the iPhone 8 will be made by Samsung Electronics.

Keep in mind that these latest rumors about the iPhone 8 have not been confirmed by Apple, nor is the company likely to do so. Last week, rumors hit hit the internet that the overall design for the iPhone 8 is still in flux, and that it may not have a curved OLED screen after all. Bear all that in mind as we get closer to the launch of the phone, which is likely to happen sometime in the fall of 2017.