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With the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 moving towards an all-body display and removal of the traditional home button, new claims suggest the iPhone 8 could follow suit and move the Touch ID sensor to the rear.

A new claim citing unnamed sources who had allegedly spoke privately with a Foxconn employee, believes Apple will remove the physical home button and move the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device. While moving the sensor to the rear of the device may not sound overly crazy given we have seen a number of Android devices do so, the source also claims that the iPhone 8 will feature vertical cameras.

The source goes on to suggest that reports that the iPhone 8 will have a glass back are incorrect as current prototype units have a metal backplate, simply because glass tends to shatter when dropped. While the popular vote pegs the Touch ID fingerprint sensor being incorporated into the display itself, the source claims that the technology is too new and isn’t proven enough to be used in the final design.

Providing a dual-lens camera on the front of the device will be used to provide a better depth of field and underpin the rumored 3D technology that could be included in the next iPhone 8.

While some of the claims do align with other rumors we have heard from other sources about upcoming features for the iPhone 8, the source isn’t reputable and without citing the source of the information does put some doubt on the claims.

If 3D technology will be included in the iPhone 8 then no doubt Apple will need to adapt the camera design to accommodate the new technology. However, moving the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device to follow suit with the rest of the market doesn’t seem like something Apple would do. I think they’d rather keep it on the front with the dedicated home button until the technology needed to embed it directly into the display is perfected in order to differentiate.

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