avatarby John CallahamDecember 16, 20160 comments

One of the most innovative 2-in-1 notebooks, in terms of design, that has been released in the past few years has been the Lenovo Yoga Book. Today, it was revealed that the notebook, which is already available for Windows 10 and Android, will be released in a Chrome OS edition sometime in mid-2017.

Jeff Meredith, general manager and vice president of Lenovo’s Android and Chrome Computing Business Group, revealed the new edition of the Yoga Book as part of a chat with Tom’s Guide. He added that at some point the Android and Chrome OS editions will merge into just one version, since Google plans to expand Android app support for Chrome devices next year.

The 10.1-inch Yoga Book’s most innovative feature is its secondary touchscreen, which can turn into a illuminated QUERTY-style keyboard or into a drawing pad with the tap of a button. While we didn’t like how this touch keyboard set up worked in our review of the Yoga Book,¬†Meredith claims that most people get used to it after a few hours.

Meredith also said that so far, sales for the Lenovo Yoga Book have been “average” in the US market, but that may be due in part to its limited availability. It is only being sold directly by the company and by Walmart in this country. He indicated that more retailers will begin selling the notebook in the US later in 2017.