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The year 2016 was not exactly a good one for Apple’s Mac sales. The company recorded the first year of sales declines for its Mac business for the first time since 2001. However, that same year saw sales gains for the top four Windows PC makers.

9toMac reports that, according to an analyst note from Bloomberg’s Anand Srinivasan and Wei Mok, Mac sales went down by 10 percent in 2016, and that it dropped from fourth to fifth place on the PC hardware vendor list worldwide. The top four PC companies are now Lenovo, HP, Dell and Asus, and all four of them had sales gains last year. The top four companies claimed a total of 65.2 percent of the entire PC market in 2016.

Even with the recorded gains by the top four companies, sales of Windows-based PCs actually went down overall by 5.7 percent in 2016. That’s because of sales declines in the other 27.7 percent of the market, which has over 200 different vendors. It would appear that not even the launch of Windows 10 over a year ago has done enough to stimulate PC sales as a whole. Indeed, it looks like the benefits are only going to the top companies, which means that smaller ones could be forced to merge with others, or perhaps shut down altogether.

Going back to Apple, the company launched its new MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch laptops in late 2016, with the Touch Bar display replacing the top keyboard buttons. It remains to be seen if Apple’s new notebooks will help it regain some of its lost sales in 2016, but there are also rumors that the company is putting less of an emphasis on its Mac division as a whole in favor of its iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.