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If you’re a mobile user torn between using Android and iOS, you can now have the best of both worlds, thanks to a new case developed by a Chinese company that allows Android and iOS to run simultaneously on the iPhone.

This isn’t the first attempt to make the iPhone run on Android. Just last month,  Tendigi developer Nick Lee built a custom case with an enclosed circuit board running an adapted version of Android Marshmallow, along with a custom-built app that allowed users to boot the iPhone in Android.

But Lee had no plans to commercialize his homebuilt case, while Chinese player Haimawan, which works with OS virtualization, is offering its new case, MESUIT, for sale exclusively in China.  Similar to Lee’s case, MESUIT allows a proprietary Android-based operating system, Mesuit OS 1.0, to run as an app within iOS on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as well as the older 6 and 6 Plus.

The MESUIT case comes with a 1,700mAh external battery for the iPhone 6 and 6S and a 2,500mAh one for the 6 Plus and 6S Plus, along with 16GB of storage. It also holds a second Nano SIM slot compatible with Android use, but lacks an SD card, HDMI or full-size USB ports which were available in Lee’s rendition.

Haimawan is offering the MESUIT case on its subsidiary Jijia’s website for ¥999.00 (about $150) for the iPhone 6 and 6S, and ¥1099.00 (about $165) for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus. Right now, Haimawan hasn’t said anything about making its MESUIT case available outside of China, but claims to be developing a case to allow iOS to run on Android devices that could be unveiled next year.


Well, let’s hope this brings peace between Android and iOS users and finally puts an end to the iPhone vs. Android debate. Would you use the MESUIT case to run Android on your iPhone? And would you want an Android case that let you run iOS? How long do you think it’ll take before this type of case is available for the new iPhone? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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  • Amaire

    I really don’t like this idea just get an Android!!!

    • Kaleb Complains

      But what if you like both and you don’t want to carry around two phones

  • Shauna

    LOVE! If Android can’t get a small phone of decent quality this solves the problem!

    • Jake Klippert

      By making the phone giant and bulky?

      • Jay Koerner

        Also he doesn’t seem to understand that it’s more like two phones, since the Android needs its own cpu battery sim ram, the only thing being shared is the screen so expect horrible battery life

  • Anthony Jarrah

    This is a stupid idea. Android based phones have higher specs than the iPhone. People buy the iPhone because they prefer the OS. Why would you want to run Android on an underpowered iPhone when you can just buy an Android phone with much better specs than the iPhone for half the price?

    • Jay Koerner

      It’s not running Android, the case House’s everything the Android phone needs except the screen and it uses the iPhones screen for that. So the ram, cpu,gpu,storage,ect… Are all in the case. Also I don’t like iPhones but I wouldn’t say there are underpowered yeah if you tried to run stock Android on it it wouldn’t turn out well but there GPU is above almost all Android phones and they seem to run there own Os fine not like they are expected to run anything else. For contrast I have apps crash on my nexus 5x daily but that is life

  • Smaug

    No one is going to use this. People buy iPhones because they are popular and they don’t know how to use the Android OS. Why would they buy a case that makes Android run on a 1 GB of RAM phone.

    • Jay Koerner

      Just an idea but I’m almost sure the Android part is a self contained unit with its own ram storage processor… So the 1gig ram argument seems pointless when the case likely has 2 or more gigs of ram. Also can’t stand iOS but I have used my sisters phone when she’s over and the thing seems to run well 1gb of ram or not

  • Saleh alanzi

    no!!!! this is a great idea!!! now you can see how Snapchat team made the lense shitty on the android OS unless it’s hardware related to the Iphone cam

    • lmao queef

      Holy shit, you’re fucking stupid.

      • Saleh alanzi

        Yeah just call someone stupid and walk away

        let me ask you something are you a developer?

        • McHale72

          I think it’s an online version of a mic drop. However, I wouldn’t put too much stress into a comment from a guy who calls himself lmao queef.

  • iPhone 7 and Samsung have no competition iPhone 7 1000 times batter then Samsung on all features