Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Welcome

It has been a great many years since Microsoft‘s web browser has been considered a good tool. Internet Explorer has been rather boring to use and often the target and cause of insecure computing. Microsoft looks to change that image with Windows 10, launching a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is a huge departure from Internet Explorer. Not only does it look very different, it also acts different, with a focus on simplicity, touch input and being mobile friendly.

Clean Design

The first thing you may notice is there are no toolbars, at least not on first boot. We’ve all seen that one user or computer that has multiple toolbars installed, all but taking over the entire web page space. Not only does Microsoft Edge start off with no toolbars, the entire framework of the browser is kept to a minimum, making the vast majority of the display usable.


Windows 10 Microsoft Edge markers

Perhaps the biggest change you will notice in the new Microsoft Edge is the ability to use your mouse or finger to draw over top of almost any web page. See the button in the top right that looks like a pencil over a square page, that’s the one, click it to make a Web Note. You are given a pen, highlighter, eraser, text bubble and the ability to draw a rectangle around a specific area to make a clip of your work.

With all of your edits and notes complete, hit the save button to send to OneNote, save to favorites or save to your reading list. If you just want a screenshot, use the Clip tool, which copies the selected area to your clipboard, paste it into your favorite program that can handle images, like Photoshop or Word.

Everything else

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Settings Favorites

From there, you can still find the majority of familiar IE features and settings, just hit the three dots menu button in the top right for settings and tools (sound a little like Android!) Hit the three horizontal bars icon in the top right to see your favorites, downloads and history.

Finally, if you do not like what you are experiencing on a web page, there is an option to open the current page in Internet Explorer. That’s right, Internet Explorer is not being replaced by Microsoft Edge just yet, you can still use IE, if that’s your thing.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Settings

Overall, Microsoft Edge is proving itself a fast and lightweight web browser, focused on offering a touch friendly interface with tools for sharing info and thoughts marked up right onto a web page.

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What do you think of Microsoft Edge?