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Surface Pro 4 review

If you bought a Surface Pro 4 tablet from Microsoft when it was first launched, then you have been waiting since late October 2015 for the company to release the successor to the popular Windows 10 tablet. However, a new report from a journalist who closely follows Microsoft hints strongly that the Surface Pro 5 won’t be a huge set up from its predecessor.

Paul Thurrott, the founder of Thurrott.com, claims in a Twitter post that, according to his sources, the Surface Pro 5 will have the same Surface power connector that the Surface Pro 4 has. He added that the Surface Pro 5 will get a processor upgrade to Intel’s recently launched Kaby Lake chips. However, he hints that the tablet will be “nothing dramatic” in terms of other changes.

While his wording was pretty vague, it sounds like the Surface Pro 5 will look identical to the Surface Pro 4, with only some upgraded hardware inside. It also sounds like there might not be any updated ports, so a USB Type-C port might not be available. Keep in mind that Thurrott’s statement has not been confirmed by Microsoft, so take his words with a pinch of salt.

Microsoft is rumored to be holding some kind of hardware media event later this spring to officially launch the Surface Pro 5. Previous unconfirmed reports claim the company may not reveal a successor to its 2-in-1 notebook, the Surface Book, at the event. Hopefully, we will see what Microsoft has in store for us in terms of new hardware in the very near future. In the meantime, are you disappointed that the Surface Pro 5 might not be a major upgrade from the Pro 4? Let us know your opinions in the comments!