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Surface Pro 4

If you have a new Surface Pro 4 in hand and are looking for a way to keep it safe and secure through your travels, a case or cover may be the answer to your needs. Join us as we take a quick look at some of the best Microsoft Surface Pro 4 cases and covers.

Update January 2017: Sticking to the same cases and covers for your Surface Pro 4, we were able to find a few less expensive buying options for you today.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Surface Pro 4 cover

Before you get fixated on the fact that the Type Cover is more of a keyboard, allow me to assure you that it offers great display protection when it’s all closed up. I always seek out at least a sleeve for larger tablets, to protect them when on the go, the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover satisfied my needs.

This Type Cover is rigid enough to provide adequate protection to the display of your Surface Pro 4, it is very easily removed when needed, and hey, who doesn’t like having a keyboard when they are trying to be productive?

Surface Pro 4 cover pen 1

Check out the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover at Microsoft, regularly $129.99, grab one for $107 for the base model, $125 with a fingerprint scanner, regularly $159.99 from Amazon.

Surface Type Cover - Amazon

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Skinomi Tech Skin

Skinomi Surface Pro 4 case

Keeping things simple, and flashing back to the old days of mobile devices, if you are in the mood for a clear plastic film style screen protector, the Skinomi Tech Skin is as good as they come. If this is a new thing for you, the premise is simple, this plastic cover is form fit and adheres directly to the display of your Surface Pro 4.

For the display surface protection of your Surface Pro, check out the Skinomi Tech Skin for $9.95 from Amazon.

Skinomi TechSkin - Amazon

Inateck sleeve

Inateck Surface Pro 4 sleeve

Under the premise that the Surface Pro 4 is fairly sturdy already, and even more so with the Surface Type Cover installed, perhaps all you need is a sleeve for transport purposes. We have two sleeves on the list, beginning with this Inateck Sleeve made of felted outside and flannel inside materials. Nothing earth shattering here folks, just a simple and effective tablet sleeve to keep your tablet protected. The fairly large accessory pouch on the outside is handy though.

Check out the Ineteck Sleeve from Amazon for $22.99 today.

Inateck Sleeve - Amazon

ProCase Surface Pro 4 sleeve

ProCase Surface Pro 4 sleeve

The second of our sleeves today, the ProCase Surface Pro 4 sleeve is a little more substantial than the previous offering. It is still a fairly generic design, so you can slip in any tablet of the same size or smaller, but is made of synthetic leather. The addition of a business card sized pouch and a elastic loop to hold your Surface Pen is handy.

Check out the ProCase Surface Pro 4 sleeve for $13.99 on Amazon.

ProCase sleeve - Amazon

Urban Armor Gear military spec case

Urban Armor Gear rugged Surface Pro 4 case

Now we’re getting into the heavy duty stuff. If you are one that has a habit of dropping your tablets often, you may consider putting up a few extra dollars for a fully ruggedized case for your Surface Pro 4. The Urban Armor Gear case is military spec certified, meaning it can withstand a good drop or two without destroying your tablet.

For the ultimate protection of your Surface Pro 4, check out the Urban Armor Gear case on Amazon for $54.99.

Urban Armor Gear - Amazon

ProCase Folio stand

ProCase Surface Pro 4 Folio case

Following the more traditional design for tablet cases, this ProCase folio stand offers up full front and back covering with the option to use the case as a stand. Fairly ingeniously, the back cover folds up to allow the front cover to act as a stand for your tablet, the clever aspect is that you can also open the built-in stand for extra stability. As the Surface Pro 4 comes equipped already with a stand, this sounds like an odd option to provide. Before you judge, consider that the built-in stand is fairly basic, usually requiring a flat and level surface to avoid tipping over, this case still relies on gravity to keep things upright, but you should be able to more easily bring the tablet to your lap, as you would your normal laptop.

Adding a little bit of additional stand options to your Surface Pro 4, check out the ProCase folio stand for $30.99 from Amazon.

ProCase Folio - Amazon

That will do it for today. Please do keep in mind that there are many other case and cover options out there to protect your Surface Pro 4. Our list today should act as guideline more than a dictation. We urge you to consider your needs and find the case, brand and price point that best suites your needs.

Do you use any of our favorite Surface Pro 4 cases or covers from this list? Do you even bother with a case anymore?

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