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Apple are expected to release the third-generation of its Apple Watch in the third quarter of 2017. The next generation of the smartwatch is expected to focus on improving battery life and performance rather than any design changes.

According to a new report from China, the Economic Daily News (EDN) claimed the next generation of the wearable device will be manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta, which was also responsible for the production of Apple’s previous two smartwatches.

Sources familiar with Quanta’s plans say that the report revealed that improving battery life is the manufacturers main priority. It is said that consumers purchasing the new Apple Watch 3 will notice the battery and performance improvements as the main difference over previous smartwatch models.

Besides the enhancements to battery and general performance, the Apple Watch 3 isn’t thought to see much change as far as general design goes.

As well as the details provide an early indication into the speculation of Apple’s focus for the next Apple Watch, the report also estimates the launch of the next Apple Watch to possibly coincide with the iPhone 8.

Furthermore, it was expected that the third generation Apple Watch would see a significant design change and also the introduction of more sensors. It would appear that, according to this report at least, Apple are focusing more on the internals as opposed to externals with this release.

It could still be that Apple introduce additional sensors that were unable to be included in the first two generations of watches, but without any significant design changes, it seems unlikely anything externally will drastically differ with the Apple Watch 3.

Assuming the Apple Watch 3 does only increase battery life and performance as the report alludes to, would this be enough for you to upgrade from your Apple Watch 2? Drop us a comment below.

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