avatarby Tab TimesOctober 16, 20130 comments

New photo and video apps coming to market hope to address what one vendor, Magisto, calls “photo rot”, the tendency of most images to stay on the device.

"We can capture everything with our smartphones and we do,” says Reed Genower, chief marketing officer at Magisto. “But 99% of what you took the time to capture rots on your smartphone.”

Well, perhaps it’s not quite that bad, but judging from the scramble of vendors vying to become the next Instragram, there is certainly an opportunity.

“Only 20% of the 1.5 billion pictures taken every day are shared, the rest stay on the camera roll,” said Sachin Duggal, “Chief Wizard” and Co-Founder of Shoto. Both Duggal and Genower presented at the DEMO conference earlier today.

Shoto aims to simplify the process by automatically sharing your photos with select friends in your address book by using your location, history of who you’ve shared with and other factors. There are also user privacy controls. 

Perhaps the neater thing about Shoto though is that it automatically organizes your camera roll into albums going all the way back to the first photo you took on the device.

“In ten seconds we can show you more about where you’ve been in the past three years than it would take hunting through Facebook,” Duggal told TabTimes.

Magisto is a cloud-based service that handles both photos and videos. The service is designed to automatically select what the program determines are “the most compelling moments” and acts like a virtual video editor to put them together, complete with customized styles and music.