avatarby David ImelMarch 17, 20170 comments

It has been quite a while since Apple updated its iPad hardware. The iPad Pro was released almost two years ago, but Apple seems to be marketing these units pretty wildly with the recent “If your laptop was an iPad Pro” campaign. The time for new versions seem to be upon us however, and we’ve begun getting a number of image leaks of what could potentially be the successor to the biggest, baddest iPad ever, the iPad Pro.

The leaks mention that the new devices could be launching between March 20th and 24th, though a previous leak mentioned that Apple was planning on holding some sort of event at the start of April. They also mention that we will be getting three or four new iPads in total, with two of these being different sized Pro models, though we’re not sure if these will launch alongside one another.

Apple’s iPhone 8 event will be happening sometime in Fall, likely in September. The company usually has a couple smaller things to show off at these events as well, so we will have to see if the company opts to wait to release their full slew of iPad products then.

Do you think these leaked images could be the new iPad? Would you be interesting in picking one up?