avatarby David ImelMarch 21, 20170 comments

We may be just a number of months away from the announcement of the iPhone 8 (or 10, whatever they call it), but today Apple opted to announce a number of new cases for the iPhone 7 and 7+ Plus, and one new option for the iPhone SE.

The new line includes three new silicone cases and three new leather options, which will cost $35 and $45 respectively. The options come in Blue, Red, and Brown, but with very specific names and color variances that help separate the silicone colors from the leather.

Apple is calling the silicone options Azure, Camellia, and Pebble, which are all on the flushed out lighter side. The leather cases come in Taupe, Sapphire, and Berry, and are much more vibrant and deep. In addition if you’ve got an iPhone SE, Apple is adding a new leather case it calls “Saddle Brown” to the existing leather library, coming in at $39.

If you’re worrying about how the cases will effect your device on the inside, there’s no need. Apple includes a soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case, which should help to keep our device safe and protect it from scratches.

The company says each of these options is able to fit a device snugly inside without adding much bulk, and we could have to agree. These cases seem quite thin, but we’re hoping they can do well to keep your phone’s exterior safe.

What do you think of the options? Are any of them interesting enough for you to switch to? With only a $10 price variance differential between the two materials, we would probably opt for the leather, but this is obviously up to you. You can find all of these cases at an Apple store near you or online here.