avatarby John CallahamJanuary 5, 20170 comments

Razer is a company that is known for its wild and crazy product ideas, including a modular desktop PC design in 2014 called Project Christine that never came to market. Today at CES 2017 they may have revealed their most insane concept device yet. It’s called “Project Valerie”, a gaming laptop that packs in three 17.3-inch displays, offering a total resolution of 11520×2160.

Razer says the laptop uses mechanical slides so that the left and right displays automatically unfurl from the sides of the center screen. The result is a massive widescreen experience without the need to hook up extra displays. Razer says that even with these three displays, the thickness of the “Project Valerie” laptop is about the same as other 17-inch gaming notebooks on the market when the screens are folded inside once again.

Even with three displays, the laptop is supposed to weigh less than 12 pounds. While that’s certainly pretty heavy to put in a backpack, it still makes the notebook much more portable compared to lugging around two monitors. Inside the laptop is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, and the displays also support that company’s G-SYNC technology for better gaming framerates.

Officially, “Project Valerie” is just a concept for now, so it’s very possible that, similar to what happened with Project Christine, Razer may never release a triple-screen laptop. However, it’s also possible that the company could use some of the ideas and technology behind this idea for a real shipping product in the future.

Would you buy a “Project Valerie” triple-display laptop if it ever came on sale? Let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments!