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Apple Watch Series 2 16

We’re on the war path for resetting all of your Apple products, and so, we are now going to look at the device on your wrist. This is how to reset the Apple Watch.

What does ‘reset’ mean to you?

Just covering the bases here, when you say you want to reset your Apple Watch, we’re going to cover how to restart, how to force restart, how to recover when you’ve forgotten your passcode, which, hint, actually resets your Apple Watch.


Restart your Apple Watch

This is for the absolute beginners. Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch. Not the crown, the other button.

A few options pop up, including the ability to Power Off. Go ahead and slide that icon over to power down.

Give your Apple Watch some time to completely shut down, then go ahead and hit that side button again, hold it until the Apple logo appears.

Force Restart

Allow me to echo Apple’s warnings here, a force restart should be reserved as a last resort, and you should avoid entirely doing so while the Watch is updating the software. If you are sure that the screen isn’t just sitting idle, buttons unresponsive while an update is processing, the steps are easy.

Press and hold both the side button and the crown for at least 10 seconds. Do not release until you see the Apple logo.

Note: All actions from here forward will wipe data, if possible, consider a full Backup of your device!

Forgot your passcode?


Before we take any drastic efforts, there is an option within the Watch app on your connected iPhone or iPad that allows you to re-enable the passcode entry. This is handy if you’ve hit your six attempt limit and have been locked out for a while. Just keep in mind that ten wrong passcode entries changed the game, just don’t get there.

If you cannot remember your passcode, you are stuck with wiping your Apple Watch. Head into the Apple Watch app on your connected iPhone or iPad and head into the My Watch tab.

Select General, then select Reset.

Tap Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings and confirm the action.


If you do not have a paired iPhone or iPad, you can still get the job done. Place your Watch on its charger before you continue.

Press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off menu.

Firmly press the Power Off slider icon, then lift off.

The option to Erase all content and settings will appear, just go ahead and tap on it.

Reset Apple Watch from the watch

Apple Watch resetFinally, if everything is going well, you just want to wipe all data and start from scratch, you can trigger a reset from within Apple Watch directly.

Navigate to the main system Settings on the watch.

Select General, then select Reset.

Tap on Erase all Content and Settings.

Just like that, or, rather, up to a couple minutes from there, you’ll be welcomed by a fresh install of Watch OS. Don’t forget that you can restore data and settings from a previous backup, if you’ve got one.

Luckily, Apple Watch is a little easier to reset than the iPod, and the companion app on your connected iPhone or iPad can be a lifesaver. We hope this little tutorial has helped you get your Apple Watch up and running no matter what reason you had for resetting it.