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One of the biggest changes expected next year in the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 is the move to OLED displays. However, Samsung who will be supplying the OLED panel are reportedly struggling to keep up with the demand.

The iPhone is set to hit its 10th anniversary next year, and rumor has it that Apple have a huge upgrade in store for it, the main change of which will be the move to OLED panels for the display.

Samsung are one of the biggest players in the OLED market, so naturally attention focuses on them whenever the talk of iPhone and OLED appear in the same sentence. However, sources ‘familiar with the matter’ reported to Bloomberg that Samsung may not be able to make enough panels for the next iPhone.

With Samsung expected to be the sole supplier for OLED displays, this poses a problem for production rates with the expected shipment levels. However, it’s not just Samsung that are expecting to see production issues as LG and Sharp are also expected to see issues moving into 2018.

What this could mean is that Apple move to offering an OLED display in just one variant of the next iPhone, with potentially the iPhone Plus model including the upgraded display. Apple and Samsung are said to have an exclusive agreement that Samsung will be the sole supplier into 2017, so this situation isn’t expected to change unless the display manufacturer can increase yield rates. Sources also claim that the panels ordered that are experiencing this delay are larger than 5-inches, so it could be that the iPhone’s may see an adjustment to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch offerings.

With Apple fully reliant on Samsung to supply the OLED panels for the next iPhone but unable to meet demand, we could see the OLED technology be dropped from the next model and be delayed until 2018.

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