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“We want to develop some solutions," said Ken Daniels, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances at Samsung. “For two years, it was ad hoc. Now, people can come to us and [we can] do some things in a smart structured way.”

The electronics giant will allow enterprise partners, through the program, to receive “differentiated benefits” to build tablet and smart phone solutions. The program is divided into four tiers.

  • Platinum. An invite-only program for “selective industry leaders” offering unique value proposition on Samsung devices and business opportunities to create strategic partnerships.
  • Gold. With an annual fee of $2,000, this program seeks Global Top 5 in both revenue and brand recognition partners.
  • Silver. Costing $500 a year to join, this program will be seeking out local or emerging ISVs and Sts with B2B mobile solutions.
  • Bronze. Members can indirectly experience the program.

Depending on membership tiers of, the program provides enterprise partners with a range of benefits, including technical support for solution development on Samsung mobile devices, joint marketing and sales support through Samsung’s enterprise mobility website, and enterprise mobility focused events to ultimately develop business opportunities together.

“We are building out the ability to be able to go to the marketplace,” Daniels explained.

To add an exclamation point to its intent to go enterprise, Samsung trotted out some impressive partners already signed up to the alliance program, including Sybase, Juniper Networks, SOTI and MobileIron.

Calling Samsung “enterprise-friendly,” Daniels also says the company has dedicated teams going out into the market to sign up some business from Fortune 500 companies.

“We’re going to take our consumer devices and make them enterprise-friendly,” he said.