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At last year’s Mobile World Congress, Sony launched what they called the “evolution of the Xperia brand,” with a series of new smartphones, and ambient connected devices like the Xperia Projector and more. This time at MWC 2017, Sony is back with basically the improved versions of or the successors to almost all of these devices, along with two new premium phones.

The Xperia Projector may now go by a new name, but retains all the same unique capabilities of the original. Here’s all you need to know about the Sony Xperia Touch!

The Sony Xperia Touch is a projector that can display an image on any flat, clear surface that can be interacted with. With the way the user interface is set up, it ultimately feels like using a large tablet, except for the fact that you are actually swiping, typing, and doing everything on just your table or some other clear surface. This is made possible with the use of Sony’s SXRD projection display technology, and touch is made possible through a combination of infrared light and real-time detection via abuilt-in camera.

The display size at which you can interact with the “screen” is 23-inches, with a resolution of 720p, which is fantastic for when you are looking to share information with friends or family. To make use of it at the weekly family movie night, the Touch can also be placed to project a screen up to 80-inches. The screen cannot be interacted with in this case though, so you will need to make your movie selection before hand, or navigate around the interface using something like a PlayStation 4 controller.

The Xperia Touch runs a simplified version of Android, that has been designed to be minimalistic and accessible. You get basic information and apps like weather, calendar, a memo board, and Skype available at hand, but you are also able to download any application or game from the Google Play Store. The Xperia Touch also comes with a mic and speaker, so you can interact with using the “OK Google” voice command.

The Xperia Touch will be available later in the summer, and the pricing information for the device is still unknown. What do you think about the Xperia Touch? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned with Tab Times as we continue to bring you more great coverage from MWC 2017!