avatarby John VelascoFebruary 27, 20170 comments

Projectors aren’t anything new in the tech landscape, but when yours can project onto a surface and can be manipulated via touch input, it’s definitely going to raise a few eyebrows in the process. And you know what? That’s exactly what the Sony Xperia Touch is going to be doing.

Now from a cursory look, most people wouldn’t believe us if we told them that the Xperia Touch was some kind of projector. For starters, unlike the majority out there, Sony’s Xperia Touch can transform any flat surface into a 23-inch touch screen of sorts. Think of the movie The Minority Report, when Tom Cruise is playing back some footage by using a variety of gestures in the air – the premise is similar to the Xperia Touch.

Essentially what we have is this rectangular shaped box that produces a projection that can be aimed on any surface. When it’s pointed down onto a flat surface, it transforms it to a usable 23-inch touch screen that has the ability to monitor and recognize up to 10 touch point at any given time. This means that you can use your fingers to navigate through its Android 7.0 Nougat experience by just using your finger – just like any tablet or smartphone running Android.

The nice thing about the Sony Xperia Touch, too, is that you can easily detach it from its power source, pick it up, and use it elsewhere. On top of having all the incredible features, the Xperia Touch acts much like any Android-running tablet out there. The magic behind the scenes is accomplished thanks in part to Sony’s SXRD projection display technology, which is comprised out of a built-in camera in the unit running at 60 FPS – with infrared light with real-time detection to precisely know what you’re touching.

While we were generally satisfied by its responses, the only qualm we have with it as a whole is that the brightness tends to be subdued. Then again, its ability to double as a tablet is no doubt appreciated. We were even told that the unit is compatible with the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play mode, wherein you can connect a DualShock controller to it and access your games through the Xperia Touch.

Going beyond just being a simple projector, the masterminds over at Sony intend on having the Xperia Touch ready for select retailers starting sometime around summer 2017. No price has been mentioned, but given the futuristic approach of it, you know it’s bound to push the boundaries – more so for early adopters!