avatarby John CallahamDecember 21, 20160 comments

The launch of Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Super Mario Run, for the iPhone and iPad, has been met with mixed reviews, but apparently a lot of people are at least giving it a try. Today, Nintendo confirmed that the game had been downloaded 40 million times worldwide from the iOS App Store in its first four days.

Nintendo noted that Super Mario Run is still on top of the App Store’s “Free” and “Top Grossing” charts. However, it did not reveal how many people decided to pay the $9.99 fee to unlock all of the game’s content (although analysts claim a conversion rate between four and nine percent). Nintendo still plans to launch the game for Android devices, but it has not yet revealed a specific release date.

In related news, the game received a free update that (sort of) adds a new mode for Super Mario Run. It’s called Friendly Run, and its basically a new way to play the game’s current Toad Rally mode without the need for Rally Tickets. People who play the free version of the game can race in Friendly Run just one time per day. Folks who paid for the game can access Friendly Run three times a day after clearing World One, and five times a day after completing World Two.

Friendly Run is just as it sounds. You don’t earn any extras when you use it; it’s just supposed to be for quick races against friends with no strings attached. Nintendo has already announced it does not plan to add any major additional content to Super Mario Run, so this small adjustment to Toad Rally might be enough to keep some people playing.