avatarby John VelascoDecember 15, 20160 comments

Super Mario Run has officially launched on iOS today. Mario Run is Nintendo’s first mobile title to feature its most celebrated character follows the launch of smash-hit Pokemon Go in the summer.

Unlike a port of a console title, Super Mario Go has been built from the ground up for mobile and can be played entirely with one hand. The title features auto-runner-like gameplay, where Mario will automatically run across the screen, rather than being directed manually, but the basic format is the same as previous side-scrolling Mario titles.

Somewhat controversially, Super Mario Go does feature an always-on connection requirement, meaning the game can’t be played offline – something which may disappoint commuters trying to play with an unstable connection.

The title features three modes. World Tour is something akin to the traditional Super Mario titles in which Mario must complete levels across six worlds to rescue Princess Peach. Toad Rally is a competitive online mode in which players can take on others to collect the most coins. Meanwhile, Kingdom Builder is a base-building mode where players can spend their earned coins to create their own town.

You can play the first few levels of Super Mario Go for free, but to get the full experience you’ll have to pay the full $9.99 price. Download it from the App Store at the link.