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Surface Pro 4

One of the best Windows tablets on the market today is, still, Microsoft’s own Surface Pro 4, a 12-inch 2-in-1 tablet that can easily replace the average user’s laptop. Straight out of the gate, this device comes with a great set of accessories to keep you productive, but let’s take a look at those tools specifically, and add in a few more.

Join us for our quick list of the best Surface Pro 4 accessories.

Updated September 2016: We will be frequently updating this article with new and relevant accessories for your Surface Pro 4. This month we managed to find more than a few reduced prices, particularly on the Microsoft built accessories, and we’ve revamped the entire audio section at the bottom. Enjoy!


Surface Pro 4 cover 4

The obvious place to start is with the official Microsoft Surface Type Cover, a magnetically connected smart screen cover with integrated keyboard and touchpad. There is even an upgraded model that includes a fingerprint scanner, for your biometric authentication needs. For our time with the Type Cover, it has proven the only protection we needed, but we’re pretty easy going with our devices.

The Surface Type Cover runs as low as $95.00 on Amazon, $129 at Microsoft, check it out today.

Buy the Surface Type Cover now

ProCase Surface Pro 4 Folio case

For those that require a little bit more, be sure to check out our dedicated post on the best cases and covers, but we will recommend the ProCase Folio Stand today. It is a medium level protective case, but it wraps all the way around your Surface Pro 4 while accounting for and further supporting the Type Cover and built-in kickstand. It is the best of both worlds.

Check out the ProCase Folio for $34.99 on Amazon today.

Buy the ProCase Folio now

Surface Dock

Surface Pro 4 review

Up next is another official Microsoft accessory, the Surface Dock. Let’s not pretend we are not huge fans of this accessory, we even dedicated a full post to reviewing it. Thing is, if you are looking to use your Surface Pro 4 as more than just a basic tablet/laptop, the Surface Dock is exactly the tool you need.

With just one magnetic connection you’ll be attaching power, external monitors, external speakers and several USB peripherals. Seriously, folks, if productivity is important to you, there is no better tool to pull it all together.

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Check out the Surface Dock for about $150 from Amazon, $199.99 at Microsoft.

Buy the Surface Dock now


Logitech K400 keyboard

Didn’t we already cover this? Well, yes, we did, that Microsoft built Surface Type Cover is a great place to start when it comes to a keyboard for your Surface Pro 4. From there, the great thing about most Windows tablets, and Android tablets, for that matter, is the ability to support a mouse cursor, therefore, we will first recommend a quality wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad today, then we’ll throw in a great multi-purpose Bluetooth keyboard, because we can.

The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus is a good option, if you are not looking for a keyboard with full number pad. Continuing with the Logitech love, the K480 is a Bluetooth keyboard with a switch to easily bounce between multiple devices, great for controlling your Surface Pro 4, a phone and maybe another tablet, all in one device.

Logitech K480 keyboard

Check out the Logitech Wireless K400 Plus for $29.29 and the Bluetooth K480 for $30.00 on Amazon today.

Buy the Logitech K480 nowBuy the Logitech K400 now


Surface Pro 4 tt 8

Wait a minute, doesn’t the Surface Pro 4 already come with a stylus? If you haven’t noticed yet, Microsoft has put together a compelling package in this tablet. With a keyboard that acts as a cover, a dock that takes productivity to a new level for tablets and now a stylus to improve input, we’re huge fans.

The Surface Pen, Microsoft’s smart stylus for the Surface Pro 4, is a pressure sensitive Bluetooth connected device with multiple buttons to perform extra functions on the fly. You could use just any old stylus for basic touch functionality, but there is nothing quite like the Surface Pen to get the most out of your Surface tablet.

Your Surface Pro 4 should have shipped with the Surface Pen, but if not, or if you need a replacement, grab a new one from Amazon or Microsoft for as lows as $50.00.

Buy the Surface Pen now

Extra power

Lizone charger

External power is not easy to come by for your Surface Pro 4. Unlike most tablets on the market, the Surface Pro 4 cannot be charged with your average USB charger. This, unfortunately, requires a fairly heavy power adapter to keep your tablet powered. Aside from the default power brick or the power provided by the optional Surface Dock, there are a few external power packs that might be good options to keep you powered on the road.

We have not tested the Lizone QC 24000mAh portable charger ourselves, but it has solid reviews and is one of the only external power packs capable of charging your Surface Pro 4. If you like to take your Windows tablet on the go, but often run out of juice, we’re hoping this will help you out.

Check out the Lizone QC portable charger from Amazon for $79.99.

Buy the Lizone charger now


Over at our sister site, Sound Guys, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and wired headphones available on the market. Ranging anywhere from $33 to $499, you’re bound to find some great audio accessories to pair with your tablet, smartphone or ultrabook. Head to the links below for more information.

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Bluetooth speakers

Once again, our friends over at Sound Guys compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under $50. On the list, you’ll be able to find multiple powerful wireless speakers for $25, or some higher end models that range up to $49. Be sure to check out the links below for a full list of the best Bluetooth speakers available on the market.

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There you have it folks, with the thousands of accessories out there for your Surface Pro 4, we think these few are the key set that every users should at least consider for their tablet experience.

What is your favorite accessory for your Surface Pro 4?

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