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iPad Mini 4 tt front sky

Welcome to our June TabTimes Monthly, an overview of the best new tablets and tablet related technology news and reviews of the last month in the industry. Subscribers to our TabTimes Monthly newsletter will be familiar with what they see here, just be sure to sign up for our giveaway for a chance to win a new tablet each month.

I hope you enjoy some of our favorite news from May of 2016, and when you get through to the end, sign up for your chance to win a great little tablet, the iPad mini 4.

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 vs iPad Air 2

iPad Pro 9_7 VS iPad Air 2 tt 23

It was only just over a month ago that we reviewed the new iPad Pro 9.7, a superb iOS powered device that we unabashedly favor over all other iPad releases. Standing by this opinion, we took to the cliffs and beaches of Oregon to show you we what we mean. Not to say that the older iPad Air 2 is unworthy of your consideration, but if you are not seeing the real differences between the two, you’re not alone, join us for the details.

iPad Pro 9.7 vs iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 9.7 review – best iPad to date?

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro
Apple announces the iPad Pro 9.7

Google I/O 2016


The developer conference of the year for Android fans was held this past month, Google I/O was the largest that it’s ever been, even if the venue and event structure was changed. With Virtual Reality, better personalized experiences and Android N looming just around the corner, perhaps the biggest news as far as we are concerned was for Chromebooks.

Did you miss the Google I/O keynote? Watch it here

In conjunction with our partners at Android Authority, we were together able to host the Google I/O keynote livestream right here on the site. Joe Hindy then led the way for a love blog, which had upwards of a hundred of our fans chatting about the show. Of course, Josh Vergara, Lanh Nguyen and Kris Carlon were on the floor in Mountain view, able to bring further content throughout the event.

Google I/O keynote presentation video
Google I/O livestream and liveblog

Chromebook to get Android apps

Google Play Chromebook

Look at that, what started with just a few apps will blossom into the near entirety of the Google Play Store landing on a Chromebook near you. Well, as it turns out, it will only land on a few current devices, but your next Chromebook will get all the goodies. Google merged the Android and Chrome OS teams under their roof a while back, speculation was a possible product merge, but it looks like both platforms will remain, and we love that they’ll be working together a little better.

Chromebooks to get Android apps
Wait, not all the Chromebooks will get Android apps
Chromebooks outselling Macbooks
Good, bad and ugly of Android apps on Chromebooks
HP Chrombook 13, a high-end offering in the budget tablet space
Best Chromebooks

Best tablet lists: kids, Windows, 7-inch and 10-inch

iPad Nexus MiPad MediaPad tablets 7

We spent more than one session this month looking at best tablet lists. To be fair, these were all updates to older lists, but each had exciting additions or at least great price reductions, whether you are searching for a tablet for your child, looking for the best Windows tablet or specifically searching in the 7-inch or 10-inch size ranges, we’ve got a list for you.

Best tablet for kids
Best Windows tablets
7-inch Android tablets, are there any good ones left?
Best 10-inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows

Best iPad Pro 9.7 accessories

iPad Pro 9.7

The iPad Pro 9.7 really is a great tablet, and the first thing most of us do with our expensive mobile computers is dress them up, protect them and add toys to enhance our experience. If you are looking for the best accessories to keep your new tablet in one piece and operating to maximum efficiency, take a look at these add-ons:

Best iPad Pro 9.7 accessories
Best iPad Pro 9.7 cases and covers
New iPad accessories – Smart keyboard and Apple Pencil
Best iPad sleeves

Jide introduces 24-inch all-in-one Remix OS PC

Jide AOC all in one Remix OS

Admitting that all-in-one PCs are a little out of our wheelhouse, Remix OS is totally up our alley. This super productive multi-tasking Android OS can now be found in a tablet, in a mini PC ideal as a set-top box, on your PC and now embedded into this AOC 24-inch panel. Nice work guys!

Remix OS is now in a 24-inch all-in-one PC
Remix OS Beta for PC going strong
Remix OS on a $79 laptop
Remix OS ROMs for your Nexus 9 & 10

Dell XPS 13 review


Nirave has returned to us with a little review, fans of the Surface Pro 4 take note, he thinks that the Dell XPS 13 is a better device. We look forward to an official shootout at some point, but for now, enjoy our full review of this sleek device.

Dell XPS 13 review
Best Windows tablets

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Giveaway: Apple iPad mini 4

iPad Mini 4 tt front edge 2

A big congratulations to last month’s winner: Diana P. of Spain is taking home the iPad Pro 9.7.

You haven’t seen the last of the Pro tablets, but we’ll shrink things this month, enter below for your chance to win the iPad mini 4, Apple’s flagship tablet that almost fits in your pocket.

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iPad Mini 4 International Giveaway!

Also running this month: Our partner site SoundGuys is giving away the UE Boom 2

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