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iPad Mini 4 vs Nexus 9 display 3

Welcome to our March TabTimes Monthly, an overview of the best new tablets and tablet related technology news and reviews of the last month in the industry. Subscribers to our TabTimes Monthly newsletter will be familiar with what they see here, just be sure to sign up for our giveaway for a chance to win a new tablet each month.

I hope you enjoy some of our favorite news from February of 2015, and when you get through to the end, sign up for your chance to win the latest iteration of Apple’s small tablet, the iPad Mini 4.

Xiaomi MiPad 2 review

MiPad 2 Review header

Starting off with a bang, we spent some time with the latest tablet from Xiaomi, the MiPad 2. Available in both Android and Windows 10, we opted for the Android version for our testing, and we mostly liked what we experienced. In addition to a thorough hands-on write-up, we also put together a full video review of the tablet showing off the premium build and sometimes awkward software.

Xiaomi MiPad 2 review
Best cheap Android tablets
Xiaomi MiPad 2 announced

Apple iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2

iPad Pro bottom vs iPad Air 2 lightning port5

Apple has more than one tablet option on the market right now, but you knew that already, and now we have taken a closer look at the latest big iPad Pro to see how it compares against the older and smaller iPad Air 2. Is the iPad Pro just a big iPad Air 2, or do these devices live in different corners of the tablet market? Join us for our thoughts on the matter.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air
iPad Air 2 vs iPad mini 4
iPad Pro first impressions

Apple iPad Pro review video

iPad Pro review

Picking up where we left off last month, we have added a full video review to our previous Apple iPad Pro coverage. Come see this big machine in action. We previously took the tablet for a 48 hour spin in December before giving it the review treatment this in January. One thing remained true, this is a large tablet that may be a hard sell to the average user, but may just be exactly what some of you are looking for. We have enjoyed our time with this tablet, it lacks for nothing that Apple hardware has to offer.

Apple iPad Pro full review
Apple iPad Pro – the first 48 hours
Apple iPad Pro announced – here are the details
iOS 9 review

‘Best of’ and updates

Part of our time this past month has been spent on updating older articles, reviving them with new and relevant information. We won’t list them all today, but here are a few that had significant changes or that we think you’ll really like.

Best Tablet for kids

Fuhu Nabi Big Tab

Revisiting our list of the best tablets for children, we made an important addition – with the price often dropping to $40, and sometimes lower, the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 is a sure bet in the under $50 category. Come see what other tablets we think would work for you and your child.

Best tablet for kids
Best cheap Android tablets

Best educational apps for iPad
Best games for children

Best iPad accessories

iPad Accessories edited

With at least a case and extra power to keep you going, join us for more than one list of optional accessories for your iPad. Included here are general lists of accessories for all iPad users, then a few device specific lists, such as a best keyboards for your iPad mini 4 or best cases for your iPad Air 2. Check them all out, and if you are just getting into the idea of buying an iPad, make sure to hit the last link in out of the next little batch.

Best iPad stylus options, including the Apple Pencil
Best iPad mini 4 accessories
Best iPad Mini 4 keyboards
Best iPad Air 2 cases
Best iPad Bluetooth keyboards
Best iPad sleeves
Which iPad should I buy?

Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases


Let me be honest with you for a moment, I really thought you would be more interested in cases and covers for your Surface Pro 3, but as it turns out, more of you are interested in protective sleeves and coverings for your Surface Pro 3. No worries though, we’ve got you all covered.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 cases

Other updates

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro tt

We hope we’ve got you covered for all of your informed buying decisions with our lists of best tablets, accessories and more. Following up on that, we’ve re-touched our iPad mini 4 review, keeping it fresh with how we think it stands now that the iPad Pro is available. We’ve also updated our list of best Windows tablets and Android tablets. Let’s be fair, there have not been many changes in these particular articles, but we promised to keep them up to date and relevant, so here they are.

Apple iPad mini 4 review
Best Android tablets
Best Windows tablets
Best 10-inch tablets
7-inch Android tablets, any good ones out there?

Huawei MateBook announced at MWC

Huawei MateBook

Taking a page out of the Surface tablet playbook, Huawei has introduced the MateBook, in every sense a Surface Pro 4 contender. This 2-in-1 Windows 10 device is a full metal design, has a 12-inch display, is powered by an array of Intel Core M processors, has a smart connector with detachable keyboard and a smart stylus with fine-tuned pressure sensitive controls. If this sounds familiar in any way, stay tuned, we really liked the look and feel of this tablet from the press event at MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

Huawei MateBook announced
MWC 2016

Video reviews!

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Xiaomi MiPad 2 review

Surface Pro 4 review

Apple iPad Pro review

Giveaway: Apple iPad mini 4

iPadMini4 Display2

A big congratulations to last month’s winner: Bernard D. of the UK is taking home the Nexus 9.

We are fans of the iPad mini 4, I hope you’ve guessed that by now. Rocking an 8-inch display, the latest in iOS software, backed by powerful internals and a plethora of accessories, this near-pocket-sized tablet is great for work and play. We want you to enjoy this experience, so we’re giving another one away. Follow the steps below for your chance to win the Apple iPad mini 4.

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Also running this month: Bose SoundTrue II at SoundGuys.

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