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Dell’s Windows RT tablet gets high speed 4G LTE option

The AT&T 4G LTE version of the XPS 10 is available in the U.S. at Dell’s website. In a blog post, Dell says the pre-installed Qualcomm Gobi modems access the LTE network, deliver speeds up to 10x faster than 3G, for super fast downloads. A choice of data plans is available (including a no commitment “add tablet” plan for AT&T customers for $10/month). Like other Windows RT tablets, the XPS 10 comes with Office 2013 RT pre-loaded. The XPS 10 tablet with 64GB of storage and 4G LTE starts at $599.99 or $749.99 with the keyboard dock. 
avatarby Tab TimesApril 26, 20130 comments

Mysterious BlackBerry tablet could launch in Q3 (April Fool’s hoax)

The purported roadmap, which appeared on Twitter account @BB10Leaks, shows a tablet device by the name of ‘B10L’ and claims that the model will launch in Q3, presumably just in time for the holiday season. UPDATE: The Canadien Press agency reports BlackBerry's supposed tablet roadmap was a hoax started by an anonymous users on Twitter who has since confessed it was made up. The roadmap also hints at another new QWERTY phone, a possible phablet and points to Q1 release dates for BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 smartphones, both which launched at the start of the year. It is worth noting that @BB10Leaks didn’t reveal where it received this [...]
avatarby Tab TimesApril 1, 20130 comments

Developer logs suggest Apple is working on the iPhone 6 and iOS 7

According to The Next Web, developer logs have started to appear referencing the ‘iPhone 6.1’, a device that was seemingly being run by iOS 7. The logs also note the iPhone 5 with monikers ‘iPhone 5.1’ and ‘iPhone 5.2’, with the difference between the two depending on the LTE model and 4G band frequency. While these codes can sometimes by manipulated, the source adds to the authenticity of the report by saying that the IP address of the new iPhone came from inside Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Apple only released the iPhone 5 in September and has traditionally kept to a yearly cycle with the smartphone, only for [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJanuary 3, 20130 comments

Apple said set to offer iPad Mini in up to 24 different configurations

A new report, showing what it says are SKU numbers of various iPad Mini options, reveals that Apple Stores could soon be offering as many as 24 different configurations of the new device. “This listing shows that there will be two different colors – white and black (A and B), four different storage capacities (8, 16, 32, and 64GB), and three different kinds of wireless internet connectivity,” says a report in SlashGear. “These models will likely come in wi-fi only, 3G, and 4G LTE capability configurations right out of the gate.” Apple Insider originally published the list of iPad Mini configurations and an image of the new device [...]
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 19, 20120 comments

Apple all but confirms iPhone 5 debut September 12

The invite shows a big number 12 casting a shadow of the number 5. September 12 has  long been rumored as the date Apple will show the successor to the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, expected to be a bigger device with a 4-inch display and other improvements.  iPhone fans have been waiting for the iPhone 5 for some time. Much of the speculation leading up to what turned out to be the iPhone 4S a year ago, was that that device would be the iPhone 5. But Apple surprised by bringing out the iPhone 4S which, though it was a definite improvement over the iPhone 4, didn’t advance the line as much as many had expected and hoped. In addition to a larger screen, the [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 4, 20120 comments

GoPago offers retailers, restaurants free Android tablet and payment system

In fact there are a couple of gotcha’s in the GoPago LIVE system, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good deal for merchants.  The so-called Payment as a Service (PaaS) system is “free” for merchants, but GoPago takes a 2.85% cut of each transaction. Also, customers have to use the tablet and GoPago app to pay for their purchase. That fee covers both GoPago’s cut and the credit card company’s fees.  The payoff for the merchant, such as neighborhood stores and restaurants, is free set up and support and the GoPago system without incurring the upfront costs normally associated with the adoption of new [...]
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 7, 20120 comments

RIM will launch a bigger PlayBook next autumn, claims report

The company’s product plans, tipped at BlackBerry fansite BlackBerry OS today, shows what's said to be a photo of RIM's roadmap that indicates RIM hopes to launch a 4G PlayBook in Q4, before pushing out the unknown ‘Blackforest’ tablet in Q3 in 2013. The roadmap didn’t reveal an exact size for the device, but the picture of the tablet was bigger than that of the one for the 4G PlayBook, perhaps indicating that this ‘Blackforest’ tablet might be a 10-inch model. There was also a mention of '128' under the tablet, which might suggest the tablet will come with 128GB of memory.   Towards the end of last week, RIM [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 3, 20120 comments
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