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AMD’s Project Discovery to showcase tablet innovation

According to AMD, Project Discovery will “show the world what we can do in the tablet space,” which means it might be more of a concept device to give its hardware partners a head start on designing new AMD-powered tablets. Project Discovery is expected to be a Windows 8 tablet with optional accessories such as a docking station and a game controller that adds physical buttons and hand grips to the sides of the tablet, Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 15, 20130 comments

AMD now open to make Hondo chip for Android tablets

Last fall AMD said it didn't see a need to make its new "Hondo" chip for tablets running the Android operating system and would focus on Windows 8 as well as Linux.  But now AMD looks ready to branch out. AMD Senior VP Lisa Su told PC World at Computex that while AMD is "very committed to Windows 8," the company also sees "a market for Android and Chrome developing as well." There are few other details other than it does appear that the company is now working with developers on Android applications for AMD chips.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesJune 5, 20130 comments

Microsoft is apparently working on three new Surface tablets

Microsoft source @MS_nerd, which has a history of reporting Microsoft leaks, says that the Surface 2 will be the successor to the Surface RT, but with a smaller 8.6-inch screen and an unspecified Qualcomm processor. Following on from that and the source claims that there is also a Surface Pro 2 in the works, with this model apparently offering an 11.6-inch display and an AMD ‘Temash’ processor (the rumored successor to the 'Hondo' tablet chip). However, perhaps most surprising of all is the suggestion that Microsoft is preparing a 14.6-inch tablet labelled as the ‘Surface Book’. This model will reportedly feature an Intel [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 3, 20120 comments

AMD roadmap reveals new ‘Hondo’ and ‘Temash’ tablet processors

Today at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day, the company revealed details about its next-generation processors, including several new tablet designs. The company’s tablet chip for 2012 is codenamed ‘Hondo’ and will utilize one to two of AMD’s current ‘Bobcat’ CPU cores, which are AMD’s most current CPU core design. These processors will reside with the company’s Z-series line of APU chips, and feature ultra-low voltage (4.5W) designs. They also support DirectX graphics, which will make them instantly compatible with the flood of Windows 8 tablets expected this summer. AMD’s chips are frequently referred to as [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 2, 20120 comments
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