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Archos announces 13-inch tablet at IFA, the 133 Oxygen

Introducing the Archos 133 Oxygen Android tablet, 13.3-inches of coffee table tablet announced at IFA 2016, coming in November.
avatarby Jonathan FeistSeptember 2, 20160 comments

256GB storage Archos 94 Magnus cancelled for being too expensive

The Archos 94 Magnus tablet, which featured a colossal 256GB of internal storage, has been cancelled due to its high costs.
avatarby Tab TimesJune 10, 20150 comments

Archos 94 Magnus tablet packs 256GB of internal memory

Today, Archos has announced three new tablets, the 101 Magnus, 101 Magnus + and 94 Magnus, which are all equipped with plenty of internal memory for the media heavy consumer. In fact, the 94 Magnus comes with a gargantuan 256GB of internal storage, with room for an extra 128GB microSD card, if you really need it. Archos claims to have been able to squeeze so much memory into a tablet due to its “Fusion Storage” technology, which essentially combines microSD card storage and internal memory into a single memory partition. The benefit is that you can use all of the storage for apps, games and other large files. The Archos 101 Magnus is the cheapest of the line-up, [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 6, 20150 comments

Archos unleashes new hybrid Android tablet for $279

The tablet, which debuted to positive reception at IFA 2013 in September, is the successor to last year’s 101 XS and offers a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution IPS display, a 1.6GHz quad-core Cortex A9 ARM processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It also comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, dual-band Wi-Fi, and the neat Coverboard magnetic keyboard cover which was also on the first-generation model. Somewhat unsurprisingly considering these middling specs, the tablet is now available at U.S. retailers for a respectable $279. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 6, 20130 comments

Archos hones in on niche Android tablets and affordable smartphones

BERLIN, GERMANY: Archos detailed a raft of new products at the IFA convention, including the new Titanium smartphones, the high-end Titanium tablets, the Xenon tablet range and the 101 XS 2 – the convertible Android tablet which succeeds the original 101 XS, which launched last year. The latter offers a faster quad-core 1.6GHz processor and an enhanced screen (1280 x 800 resolution IPS display), but maintains the included stand dock and is affordably priced at €269 (approximately $355). U.S. pricing is still to be confirmed with the tablet to launch “soon”. The Xenon tablet series is also new and has been introduced as a cheaper alternative to [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 7, 20130 comments

Archos details several Android tablets it plans to unveil at IFA

At the high end is the Archos Platinum lineup, which includes aluminum-clad slates running quad-core processors, Android 4.2 and displays with up to 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. Also new, the Xenon tablet series — three devices that the company says will be "cheaper than Apple or Samsung Wi-Fi tablets."  Specs aren't available yet, but look for Archos to also show a GamePad 2 tablet for gamers, and a parent-friendly ChildPad for kids. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 29, 20130 comments

Nimblstand: Contemporary iPad keyboard dock aimed at business travellers

It’s fair to say that the iPad isn’t exactly short of keyboard docks. Logitech, Kensington, iLuv, Zagg and even fellow tablet maker Archos have all come out with compelling products in the last three years, from integrated keyboards with adjustable kickstands to one Bluetooth keyboard which can even be rotated 360 degrees to be used a stand. However, in a bid to move away from more conventional designs, start-up Nimblstand recently released its first keyboard dock, an innovative and extremely light design that promises great stability and some useful other features for improving your personal productivity. Built for stability, not style The keyboard dock [...]
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 28, 20130 comments
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