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Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 / 7 Plus drop test!

12 drops, 2 heights, 1 result! Apple's new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may seem fragile but can they survive 12 drops? Join us for a mammoth drop test of Apple's latest phones from Sydney, Australia. The results may surprise you!
avatarby Joshua VergaraSeptember 16, 20161 comments

Hertz revamps car rental sites with iPad kiosks

The redesign called “Road Trip by Hertz” includes several concierge-style services that reduces the amount of time needed to wait in lines. The changes include an iPad station equipped with four tablets for researching local area information. Travelers can also recharge their mobile devices and make use of printing and FedEx services on-site. The iPad bar has pre-loaded travel apps, games for kids, and iPad-enhanced apps to book a Hertz reservation. Travelers can also check email, print boarding passes or pass time until their flight. More than 800 locations have gotten the makeover with the iPad kiosks to date. Several of the locations also offer iPads for [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 2, 20130 comments

This hotel room of the future is a giant Windows tablet

Developed by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), in collaboration with international design studio SerranoBrothers, the futuristic hotel room, called the "ITH Room Xperience" was on display at the Fiturtech International Tourism Trade Fair in Spain. A report by Australia’s says tourists can upload their own photos to the walls of the hotel, choose a theme to get to sleep and browse the weather by using their fingers to tap that info. If you were staying at this imaginary concept hotel for work, you’d be able to see your calendar appointments on the floor next to the bed; or pay your bill at checkout time by with a few taps [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 14, 20130 comments

How traditional retailers can compete in a mobile world

Showrooming: The act of pointing your mobile phone at the barcode of an in-store product to get a list of real-time pricing information from local or online retailers. I know I do it all the time. I’m sure you have done it too. However, its causing major pains for traditional retailers around the world. In fact, 15% of U.S. adults who own a smartphone say they have made a purchase using their mobile device when in a store because they found a better price online, a new survey from Ipsos Research finds. As if online shopping wasn’t hitting brick & mortar retailers hard enough already, m-commerce is now literally reducing in-store conversions as [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 12, 20120 comments

Is the iPad helping or harming children?

Kaufman is founder and director of the Australia-based Swinburne Baby Lab and says that the effects of the iPad on children’s brain development are still largely unknown at this point. The psychologist has so far tested 46 children aged four to six, examining their attention and problem-solving skills after using both an iPad and real toys. Children are asked to solve problem using a wooden spoon, and are then asked to solve the same problem using an iPad app. Other tests see the children participate in drawing, coloring and block building, both physically and on the iPad. Kaufman’s preliminary results show that creative and calming [...]
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 11, 20120 comments

8 in 10 teachers think tablets can improve classroom learning [infographic]

The infographic comes from Open Colleges, an Australia-based course company, and shows that 81% of U.S teachers think tablets can enrich classroom learning. 86% of students believe that tablets can help them to study more efficiently, while 59% of students said that they would like to bring in their own mobile devices to enhance learning. One in five students have used a mobile app to keep their coursework organized. The infographic, which was first reported at Mashable, also highlighted that six in 10 students have used a digital textbook, with e-textbooks expected to account for 11% of textbook revenues by 2013.
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 6, 20120 comments

Gartner: Tablet readers are ditching paper books and magazines

Gartner conducted its study of tablet owners across the U.S., U.K. and Australia at the end of 2011, and found that these users primarily used their tablets for checking email (cited by 81% of respondents), reading the news (69%), checking the weather (63%), social networking (62%) and gaming (60%) on a daily basis. The topic of consuming news on a tablet certainly featured prominently throughout the study, with Gartner revealing just how tablet readers are turning to digital by estimating that 50% of tablet owners prefer to read news, books and magazines on a screen, rather than on paper. The firm also added that a considerable one in three respondents used their tablets to [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 4, 20120 comments
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