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The debut of Windows Blue? Microsoft announces details of Build developer conference

Microsoft just announced Build 2013 will take place in San Francisco, June 26-28 at the Moscone Center. Rumors have already swirled this past week, complete with screenshots and video, of Windows Blue, the codename for the next update version of Windows 8. Among other features, Blue is expected to give users the ability to adjust the size of live tiles (small, medium or large) and other personalization features. TabTimes columnist Ben Bajarin also reported recently that he expects Blue to be the first version of Windows 8 to support smaller tablet form factors (e.g. 7- and 8-inches). In a blog post pitch for the conference, Microsoft's Corporate VP and Chief [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 26, 20130 comments

Microsoft working on smaller live tiles, new apps & greater multi-tasking for Windows 8 update

Screenshots of build number 9364 were posted on Winforum and were later made available to download on some file sharing websites. These screenshots show that Microsoft is working on allowing users to pick between small, medium and large live tiles on Windows Blue — something which is already possible on Windows 8 Phone — as well more color personalization for the home-screen and the ability to view apps in a side-by-side format. This last feature will apparently allow users to run up to four apps side-by-side at the same time, according to The Verge. The images also show updated apps for alarm, sound recorder and calculator, appear to indicate that Windows [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 25, 20130 comments

The real reason execs love tablets may surprise you

CEOs and other C-level executives have been on board the tablet train (predominantly iPad) for a few years now and demanded IT support it. But do executives love tablets simply because they're lighter and more portable than notebooks? That’s part of their appeal, but there’s more. Analyst Ben Bajarin shared a great insight as to why enterprise execs value tablets at the recent Tablet Strategy West conference. Check out the video clip below to hear more. Register now for the next Tablet Strategy conference coming to New York on April 30. 
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 8, 20130 comments

Tablets are increasingly being used for PC tasks, claims Ben Bajarin

NEW YORK – Speaking at the TabletBiz conference in New York today, Bajarin said tablets are disrupting the PC by offering new use cases, ‘intimate’ usability and powerful performance, and said that netbook helped the bring about the rise of tablets. “I think the ‘aha’ moment happened with netbooks. “The notebook and PCs have over-served the mass needs of the market and people realized that they could pay $300 or $400 for something [a netbook] that would do 80-90% of what needed,” said Bajarin. And after adding that tablets are now outselling PCs quarterly with this trend to expand worldwide by 2015, Bajarin said [...]
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 27, 20120 comments
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