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10 best photo editing apps for Android tablets

Tablets are great devices for photo editing thanks to bigger screens. In this roundup, we'll take a look at the best photo editing apps for Android tablets.
avatarby Joe HindySeptember 15, 201623 comments

10 best Android apps and games for kids

Being a parent is tough work and it's even tougher when trying to find good apps and games for kids. Here is our list of the best ones to try to help out!
avatarby Joe HindyApril 8, 20160 comments

15 best recipe apps for Android tablets

15 of the best recipe apps that will make your Android tablet a smart assistant while cooking in the kitchen.
avatarby RoshanFebruary 23, 20153 comments

Kobo Glo e-reader becomes an Android tablet after hack

The latest to be broken is Kobo's Glo, which has has been tweaked to run a full version of Android by a user on MobileRead's forums.  It was relatively easy, as the Glo shares a lot of DNA with the previously-cracked Tolino Shine. Naturally, the hack gives you Google Play access, so it's entirely possible to install the Kindle app on the reader. But remember — you'd be breaking a lot of hearts over at Kobo towers if you do. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 4, 20130 comments

Malwarebytes brings security software to Android smartphones & tablets

The app is free to download from Google Play and protects Android devices from threats including phishing emails, malicious applications and Trojan malware. The app comes equipped with an anti-virus scanner as well as a host of other security features, including an application manager and a privacy manager which enables users to see which apps violate their privacy. As a further bonus, the Malwarebytes application immediately scans files for malware and spyware when users open their email. Malwarebytes is more commonly associated with Windows but its arrival on Android is good news, especially for a platform riddled with security concerns. A report in August [...]
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 16, 20130 comments

New Nexus 7 owners get a surprise Android 4.3.1 update

Other highlights noted in the text that accompanies the update includes restricted profiles to “limit family members’ access to apps and content on your tablet or to secure a tablet in a kiosk setting”. The update also includes the Google Keep note-taking app which is also available in the Google Play store. At this time it’s not clear if if other Nexus 7 owners are getting the update yet. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 4, 20130 comments

Google tweaks Android keyboard app to help tablet users

Now on version 1.1, the Google Keyboard app (free, Google Play) has been updated to allow tablet users to long-press on the top row of keys for quick access to numbers. In the past, this functionality has only been available on Android smartphones, with tablet users instead forced into the fiddly process of toggling alternate keys to bring up numbers. As part of the update, Google has also improved the keyboard layout for certain languages and made bug fixes and stability improvements. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 29, 20130 comments
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