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U.S. government officials are using super secure iPads

The contractor in question is CACI International, an IT provider based in Arlington, Virginia which says that it tweaked the iPads by modifying the hardware, rather than adding any security software. “It’s a neutered iPad,” said CACI’s chief executive officer Dan Allen in an interview with Bloomberg. “We’re working on how we effectively brand it.” The CACI CEO declined the opportunity to elaborate on how the firm secures these iPads, but did say that the tablet’s wireless connectivity and camera are the main causes for concern when the tablets are used in a high-risk environment. The money for the project apparently [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 11, 20130 comments

Greece reduces debt by $140 billion, with a little help from Apple’s tablet

According to CNNMoney, the financially troubled country of Greece used 100 Apple iPads to co-ordinate tens of thousands of bondholders signing off on the restructuring of Greece’s debt, which had at one point looked likely to push the country into bankruptcy. Bob Apfel, of Bondholder Communications Group, was given the rather tricky task of getting approximately 100,000 bondholders from around the world to sign off on a number of financial transactions, and decided to buy 100 iPads to make that process a little easier. CNNMoney says that the iPads were fitted with a custom debt restructuring app and given to a number of important organizations behind the deal, [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMay 22, 20120 comments
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