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Startup Bunkr’s HTML5 web app looks ready to take on PowerPoint

Typically for a PowerPoint presentation, you have to spend a fair bit of time searching for good images and videos on the web, downloading them and adding them to your presentation. You could use Evernote or a similar data capturing service. Bunkr takes care of this part of the process. It is not only a presentation maker, it is an Evernote-like service for your presentations. Whenever you see something that you want to add to your presentation (an image, video, website etc.), just click on the bookmarklet and it will be in your Bunkr account.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 22, 20130 comments

iPad presentation app 9Slides comes to Windows 8

As with the native iOS app, 9Slides for Windows 8 (free, Windows Store) lets users import and create slides and add to these with their own video or audio commentary. Users are also able to control who can see their presentations and can view the latest, featured and relevant presentations posted on the 9Slides community. As 9Slides uses HTML5 technology, videos can be watching on most mobile devices. "With the 9Slides app for Windows 8, decision makers can more easily adopt a best in class presentation training tool for their sales and marketing departments on Windows 8," said Ruchit Garg, who is president and CEO of 9Slides. "For those who prefer [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 29, 20130 comments

Pentotype for iPad lets devs quickly build, collaborate on interactive wireframes

Available for the iPad and other HTML5-enabled devices, developers can use Pentotype to quickly sketch out wireframes of their apps and test out user interaction. It enables both viewing and collaboration for the earliest part of the app creation process. (Note, these aren’t fully realized apps that the service churns out, and there’s no code exported by the service. It’s really just a way to get a feel for the user experience before it’s all committed to code).  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 26, 20130 comments

Businesses say they need more funds to make mobile sites successful

But of those mostly working with budgets under $1 million, 38% of 145 executives surveyed in Q1  feel that they don’t have enough to fund their mobile efforts to be successful, according to research by Forrester.  Three-quarters of businesses say they have a mobile-optimized site, and nearly all say they will have one by the end of 2013. About a third (31%) have an HTML5-powered mobile site, with 64% planning to launch one by year’s end. On the app side, 88% say they have — or plan to have — native apps for iOS, and 74% for Android, this year.   Source article
avatarby Tab TimesJune 18, 20130 comments

The first iOS 7 devices are up and running

Onswipe, which uses HTML5 to deliver tablet-optimized websites, has told TechCrunch that it has seen a spike in traffic from iOS 7 devices in the last few days, especially around Cupertino and San Francisco. The firm says that San Francisco accounted for 18.75% of iOS 7 traffic, followed by Cupertino with 17.9%. May 2 was the most popular day for the traffic, which came largely from iPhones (75%) but also from some iPads (25%) too. Apple is expected to take the wraps off the new mobile operating systems at the WWDC in San Francisco, which takes place from June 10 – 14.
avatarby Tab TimesMay 8, 20130 comments

These figures suggest that mobile is now big business at Facebook

The Internet giant reported its first quarter financial results on May 1 and detailed how net income has risen from $205 million to $219 million in the space of the year (note: the company was still private back in 2012), with revenue also growing 38% to $1.46 billion. Financial results aside for one second however, and perhaps the most striking thing about the report was Facebook’s success on mobile devices. The California-based company reported that mobile advertising revenue accounted for 30% of its total ad revenue (approximately $375 million) in Q1, which was a small but significant increase from the 23% penetration ($306 million) in Q4 of last [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMay 2, 20130 comments

Why HTML5 is now the best option for developing enterprise apps

With the recently exponential growth in smartphone and tablet usage, there has been a concurrent boom in the number of native mobile apps available to users for personal and professional use. In the workplace, developers have been very successful at taking a desktop experience and making it touch-enabled for tablet users. Though functional, these apps are often very generic, require significant development, and don’t cater to multi-domain workflows. Behind the scenes, developers have been tracking the improvement of another type of mobile app: HTML5 apps. It’s no secret that until recently, these apps lacked several critical features that would make them [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 19, 20130 comments
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