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Surprised? Smartphones beat tablets for reading eBooks

Henrik Berggren, CEO and co-founder of e-Reader start-up Readmill, divulged the information at the Media Evolution conference in Sweden on Wednesday. His comments were first reported by VentureBeat. Readmill also found that people spend more time reading per book on their phones, more often open eBooks on their phone and are also more social on which books they are reading. The Germany-based firm offers a mobile eReader app (free, iTunes) for books on iOS and claims that it offers a better reading experience than Apple’s own iBooks. The app supports both ePub and PDF formats.
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 22, 20130 comments

New York Times set to launch mini-books for tablets

The New York Times is experimenting with selling the new digital books with content that can read in a few hours or less. ”Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek,” the first mini-book, will go on sale Monday, according to a report by the Associated Press. It will be an 18,000-word piece about skiers caught in an avalanche, written by Times reporter John Branch. Leveraging the flexibility of digital storage, "Snow Fall," is actually an expanded version of an upcoming piece planned for Monday's newspaper. AP says Snow Fall will sell for $2.99 in Amazon.com's Kindle store, Apple's iBooks, and on Barnes & Noble's [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 14, 20120 comments

Maximize your iPad’s battery life

Turn off the radio(s)   If you're not using WiFi or Cellular Data, turn them off. The same thing goes for Bluetooth. Each of those radios consumes power when they're turned on, even if they're not being used. For WiFi and Cellular Data, the switches to turn them off can be found in their respective Settings panes. To shut down Bluetooth, go to Settings > General > Bluetooth. Airplane Mode is also useful for conserving battery life. In addition to shutting down WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth connections, switching to Airplane Mode will also kill GPS and Location Services. If you still need WiFi or Bluetooth, either of those services [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 23, 20120 comments

What makes an iPad app a Super App?

A new book available chronicle’s the history of the App Store including insights into some of the biggest hits as well as the flops.  “After watching the app market every day for the last several years, I wanted to memorialize the key events which made the App Store a phenomenal success,” said Super Apps author Luis A. Gutierrez. The $1.99 iBook is available online via, what else? the App Store and was created using using Apple’s iBooks Author app.  More than a history though, Guitierrez includes marketing techniques he says developers should follow to successfully promote their apps. Gutierrez is the founder and CEO of the [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJune 15, 20120 comments
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