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Apple iPad mini 4 vs iPad mini 3 – out with the old, in with the new

Apple's latest iPad is available for purchase - is the iPad mini 4 a worthy successor to the iPad Mini 3? Find out in our full iPad mini 4 VS iPad Mini 3 review. (Updated August 2016.)
avatarby Jonathan FeistMay 25, 20170 comments

Best iPad cases for kids

We all love our children, but they have a knack for being rough on things. Protect your iPad with this list of best iPad cases for kids.
avatarby Jonathan FeistMay 12, 20170 comments

Which iPad should I buy?

For all that ask Which iPad should I buy? we try to answer. Is it the iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, the new iPad Pro 9.7 or one of the older models? Come see what they all have to offer.
avatarby Jonathan FeistMay 3, 20172 comments

Best iPad Mini 3 cases

Only the bravest, or perhaps most foolish, of us run around with our iPad Mini 3 unprotected. The world around us can be a disaster for a mobile device, from the grains of sand on a table top to the impact of a fall, and there is a simple solution to protect your tablet from most of it, a case. Here is our quick list of some of the best iPad Mini 3 cases. (Updated August 2016)
avatarby Jonathan FeistAugust 22, 20160 comments

How to Use an iPad for Dummies — A Beginner’s Guide

Lots of people have an iPad but many users struggle while learning how to use it. If that's you, look no further: here's our beginners guide to using your iPad.
avatarby Patrick HearnAugust 1, 20160 comments

Best iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

We take a look at some of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Mini!
avatarby Nick Jonathan GandioncoAugust 2, 20150 comments

Apple iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Mini 3

Continuing our little series looking at the latest iPad models and how they are holding up, we bring you the iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Mini 3.
avatarby Jonathan FeistJuly 21, 20152 comments
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