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Kensington to launch tough new iPad cases for corporate users [video]

The company was exhibiting at the Insight Technology Show in London today, where it showcased two new products not yet released on the market. The first of these is a new ‘Ruggedized Case’, which is for iPad 2, 3, 4 and 5.The case, which appears to be made of soft rubber, is droppable, has a flip-out stand and handle, and can be fitted with a physical Kensington lock to stave off the threat of it becoming lost or stolen. The second new iPad case is the latest SecureBack Security Case model from the Silicon Valley-based company and, as expected, fits the latest iPads out on the market. Users simply have to slide their iPad into the case, at which point it can [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 8, 20130 comments

Kensington Virtuoso Touch Stylus review: It feels just like an ink pen

With an ever-growing number of excellent note taking, mind mapping and good old-fashioned drawing applications making their way to tablet app marketplaces, the purchase of a stylus is a sensible addition to the toolset of any road warrior. That said, some pens are more sensible than others. Take Kensington's Virtuoso Touch Stylus and Pen, for example. The Virtuoso Touch is fairly unique in that it is two writing appliances in one. A refillable ballpoint pen is on one end, and a stylus equipped with a capacitive silicon tip for writing, navigating and drawing on a tablet or smartphone screen is on the other. Measuring in at approximately five inches in length [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 25, 20120 comments

Security firm reveals the damage of lost & stolen laptops, smartphones and tablets [infographic]

The infographic shows that theft accounted for 91% of missing mobile devices, while loss made up 73%. Kensington said that the office (52%) was the most common place for laptop theft in 2010, and revealed that 70 million smartphones were lost last year. Kensington puts the cost of each stolen laptop at a staggering $49,000 to businesses (including business downtime and support). Another worrying finding from the study is the worrying lack of security employed on these products, with 50% of all mobile users keeping passwords, personal information and credit cards details on their mobile devices. To counter this loss of device and data, Kensington recommends that enterprises [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 10, 20120 comments
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