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How Duff Quarry used iPads and LogMeIn Ignition to upgrade its operations

Duff Quarry, based in Huntsville, Ohio, is a family-owned quarry, founded in the 1960s, that produces stone, gravel and sand products for building and construction use. The quarry serves a five county area in Ohio. Together with partner businesses–including concrete, lumber and building supply concerns–Duff is a one-stop source for building materials. It’s a productivity-based business. The more we can get out of the plant with the least amount of manpower, the better we can serve our customers with a high-quality, well-priced product. Our previous plant, which we operated for 40 years, required a staff of at least a half-dozen people during an [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 16, 20120 comments

LogMeIn Rescue update offers broad support for mobile devices

The company said the new release builds on earlier versions by adding several features including the ability to remotely configure iOS and Android connectivity settings such as Wi-Fi network setup and Access Point Name (APN) settings.  LogMeIn Rescue now can also remotely configure device permissions and push device pass code settings for iPhones and iPads and create customized iOS helpdesk or self-help shortcut app icons. For users, these icons act as a kind of SOS button on the device giving iPad and iPhone users the ability to quickly connect to help guides or even a web chat support session with a single touch. LogMeIn offers a free trial version of [...]
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 9, 20110 comments
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