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Double Robotics takes iPad-powered telepresence for a spin

SAN FRANCISCO — Double Robotics has developed a rolling motorized robot and accompanying software that allows you to interact in spaces hundreds of miles away through an iPad interface. The device includes a cradle for a 2nd-generation or later iPad attached to a telescoping neck. The tablet acts as a telepresence camera and display screen. The robot is controlled by a second iPad over Wi-Fi or LTE wireless networks. Sunnyvale, Calif-based Double Robotics is showing off its designs and answering questions at the 2013 Macworld/iWorld event in San Francisco this week. The "Double" as it's called, has been in development for two years. Now the [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 2, 20130 comments

How doctors, salespeople tap iPad mini’s key advantage

The big surprise is in hospitals where the iPad mini’s 7.87-inch length fits just fine, unlike a standard iPad, in the 8.5-inch-deep pocket of a standard medical lab coat. Dr. Stephen Ferzoco, chief medical officer at Mobiquity Inc., says he thinks doctors will be drawn to the mini because the bigger iPad is too cumbersome.  “From a form factor standpoint, doctors can now carry the mini device around in their coat pockets,” Ferzoco told [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJanuary 28, 20130 comments

12 noteworthy iPad business products at MacWorld 2012

As usual, a large number of iPad and iOS products and accessories were on display at MacWorld this year. Surprisingly, however, a great number of these products were built with business and organizational use in mind.  Not all of these products are or will be great, but from aesthetics to functionality to ambition, they all stood out in some way, shape, or form. 
avatarby Tab TimesJanuary 27, 20120 comments
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