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Apple Watch Series 2 vs the competition

Wondering how the Apple Watch Series 2 compares with some of the best wearables out there? Join us as we compare the new Apple Watch with the best of the best.
avatarby Jimmy WestenbergSeptember 29, 20161 comments

Steve Wozniak takes a firm side regarding headphone jacks

The Woz has drawn a line in the sand regarding headphone jacks in light of recurring news that the iPhone 7 will arrive without one.
avatarby John DyeAugust 25, 20164 comments

Google’s latest – a skin tattoo that acts as a microphone for your smartphone or tablet

A recent patent application shows the search giant may be ready to take the wearable technology concept a big step further. Google is developing an electronic skin tattoo for the throat that can act as a microphone for a smartphone, tablet or other device. The patent by Google's Motorola Mobility unit shows the idea of putting a microphone on a person's throat via an electronic skin tattoo. The tattoo would communicate over Near-Field Communications, Bluetooth, Infrared or other short-range technology to a nearby smartphone, tablet, wearable computer, gaming device or other mobile computer. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 12, 20130 comments

Verizon teases a new Droid tablet could be coming soon (video)

This could well mean Big Red is getting ready to unveil a new Droid tablet. Considering Motorola is the exclusive Droid partner for Verizon, it could be the first new Motorola tablet since the Xyboard.  This is all speculation for now and we likely will have to wait for at least one more teaser video to find out more. But don't be surprised if Verizon springs a new 4G LTE Android tablet this fall.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 24, 20130 comments

Motorola ‘working on’ tablet, could look like a bigger Moto X smartphone

In an interview with Engadget, the chief exec briefly touched upon tablets and suggested that the firm could follow-up on the Xoom and Xyboard tablets. “That’s something we are working on, but [there’s] nothing specific to talk about right now,” said Woodside to reporters. Woodside, who joined from Google when the search giant acquired the Illinois-based firm in May 2012, also hinted at the company exploring other form factors and said that some of the new products could take “design cues, as well as the technologies” from the new Moto X smartphone. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 11, 20130 comments

Google forced to put Moto X personalized inscriptions on hold

Quality issues with customized engraving has forced Google to scrap that option at launch. “As with all testing programs, we are adapting and changing the process based on what we learn,” a Motorola rep told GigaOM. “One item that requires some additional work before we launch is creating a custom signature on the back of the phone. As such, creating a custom message is no longer available at this time.”   Source article
avatarby Tab TimesAugust 21, 20130 comments

Good Technology CEO: Some businesses panic with BYOD

Wyatt recently spoke to Mobile World Live on the challenges going forward in the enterprise mobility space, and paid particularly close attention to the rise of BYOD. The Good Technology CEO and president, who joined from Motorola in January, said that the trend is still at the start but warned that it may already be scaring big businesses into making the wrong decisions when it comes to managing these personally-owned smartphones and tablets. Speaking on how IT departments embrace BYOD, Wyatt said: “People are bringing these devices into work and forwarding their email but IT thinks ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’, I have to come up for a solution for that. [...]
avatarby Tab TimesApril 19, 20130 comments
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