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Omni Group releases iPad app for project management

The app costs $49.99 and allows users to sync their work with the $200 desktop version sporting the same name, although it can also work as a standalone application. As with the desktop model, the OmniPlan iPad app allows workers to create projects, invite collaborators and send project updates to work colleagues, while neat timelines are thrown in to give a visual clue as to how certain projects are going. Furthermore, the iPad app enables users to view a project’s history, offers up alerts if there are any completion errors, and allows team leaders to assign project tasks to different teams of collaborators. Omni Group apparently took a year developing [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJune 8, 20120 comments

Pricey, but a tremendous enhancer for personal productivity

With a feature set as big as its price tag, Omni Group’s Omnifocus for iPad is a mobile powerhouse when it comes to getting things done using David Allen's Getting Things Done program of personal productivity. Omnifocus makes it easy to organize your thoughts, projects and tasks with powerful features like contextual and location-based task sorting. That means your projects, daily routines and delegations are easy to organize, synchronize, and complete. In many ways, thanks to the app’s fantastic user interface, Omnifocus for iPad outshines it’s Mac-bound desktop cousin, making it an excellent investment for the [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 7, 20110 comments
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