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Best portable printers – bring content to life wherever you go

Looking for a good portable printer? We have created a list with our very favorite portable printers. Let's take a good look at them!
avatarby Edgar CervantesDecember 22, 20160 comments

Will your next tablet have a glasses-free 3D display?

RealD chief financial officer (CFO) Andrew Skarupa raised that very possibility when speaking at the Piper Jaffray investor conference in New York recently. “We fundamentally believe that what we really take this market to get going in terms of content and active users with 3D will be a glasses-free based product,” said Skarupa. His comments were reported by Consumer Electronics Daily (requires subscription). “We have something that is very compelling and novel. We see it first in tablets and smartphones and everything migrating to the migrating to a larger screen. We’re excited about it and we feel optimistic.” 3D screens have [...]
avatarby Tab TimesApril 1, 20130 comments

Back to the future: Polaroid Instant app comes to the iPad

In this age of digital photography, you have to be of a certain generation to remember the joy of Polaroid cameras. Instead of waiting to have your photos developed at the store or in a dark room, Polaroid cameras produced a print of each picture you took within a minute or less. So what does this have to do with the iPad, which like other digital devices, can snap pictures that can be shared online or printed at the user’s convenience? The Polaroid Instant app ($1.99) isn’t a tech breakthrough like the original Polaroid cameras, but it does recall that era in a fun way. When you take a photo using the iPad camera or pull up an image from you photo library, [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 26, 20120 comments

Report: SMBs are migrating to tablets, but some biz owners don’t understand cloud computing

The Small Business Authority's monthly SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey looks at the concerns of independent business owners, and found in August that tablets are slowly coming into small business. Indeed, the survey revealed that 33% of business owners currently run business applications on a smartphone or tablet, and discovered that 14% of these business managers think they will eventually replace their PC with a smartphone or tablet. “We believe the long term trend towards cloud computing and small business using tablets and smartphones has started,” said Barry Sloane, CEO of The Small Business Authority, which is part of Newtek Business [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 22, 20120 comments
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