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Best Laptop Cooling Pads to prevent overheating

How can you control laptop temperature? You could just go easy on tasks, but then why have a capable computer? You are better off grabbing one of our pick of the best laptop cooling pads!
avatarby Edgar CervantesNovember 9, 201614 comments

Japanese researchers develop fingerprint-free tablet touchscreens

Using nanotechnology that Toray claims can easily be applied in phone or tablet touchscreen manufacturing, scientists discovered a minutely and randomly wrinkled surface that makes human finger marks hard to stick to. Even when fingerprints are made they are harder to see as can be seen in the video made by Tokyo based tech-watchers Diginfo. "After analysing what actually constitutes those smears, which turned out to be sebum and dirt, we were able to create a thin oil repellent film that hides greasy marks, using 'nano-bumps' on the surface of the film," said a spokesman for the company.  Toray claims its new film is more [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMarch 6, 20120 comments

Targus’ iNotebook remotely pushes your hand-written notes to the iPad

The digital pen is designed for use on paper, and comes with an infrared receiver that is able to track and record the notes you are taking. The pen offers some on-board storage, in case you need to keep notes when away from the iPad. Once you are within range of your iPad, the receiver can transfer the notes to the tablet via Bluetooth. Users will need to install Targus’ iPad app for the handwritten notes to come across. Once in the app, users can erase notes, add to them with extra text or symbols, or even sync their notes with iCloud or spread them to friends via Facebook and Twitter. The iNotebook comprises the pen, the infrared receiver and a leather case and [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJanuary 12, 20120 comments

Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Wacom’s Bamboo boasts a conductive tapered rubber tip, making it a great choice for accurately taking handwritten notes. In our testing, the tip moved smoothly across the surface of both an iPad 2 and an Eee Pad Transformer without a hint of drag. Taps and swipes made with the stylus on both devices were quickly recognized. While heavy when compared against other styluses such as the Pogo Sketch stylus or Targus Stylus, we found the Bamboo’s weight to actually be a plus. The additional heft reminded us of a high quality ballpoint pen. With a shaft crafted out of smooth, brushed aluminum, the Bamboo was comfortable to hold, and a pleasure to write or draw [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 3, 20110 comments
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