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Tablet TV viewing has doubled in the last year, says DisplaySearch

Speaking through its new ‘Global TV Replacement Study’, the firm said that this claim was true across 14 regional countries, and says that global consumers are increasingly seeing tablets as an alternate device for discovering and watching TV shows and videos. The firm says that Turkey is the fastest growing region for tablet use in this regard, with usage jumping from 3% in 2011 to 16.5% in 2012, but also highlights strong increases in Germany (up nearly four-fold on a year-on-year basis), France and the U.S. (both of which saw their tablet usage increase 3X over the year). However, while NPD DisplaySearch is keen to state the increasing content being [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJune 28, 20120 comments

Google’s Eric Schmidt: The web is part of everyday life, just like electricity

As with LeWeb in Paris late last year, Schmidt was in pensive mood, taking stock of how technology can help develop third-world countries, prevent dictatorships, and on how the nature of Moore's Law means that today's $150 smartphones will be around half-price this time next year. After introducing Hugo Barra to briskly run through the features of the new Chrome for Android app, Schmidt dug in by claiming that ‘science fiction’ is ‘coming true’ in the form of unlimited data speeds and browsing power. “If Moore’s Law holds up, and it has done this far, then the people who predict driver-less cars and holograms are absolute [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 28, 20120 comments

Turkish government to bring tablets to 40,000 schools

The shipment is part of the Ministry of Education's ‘Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology’ project, which eventually aims to provide every student in Turkey with a tablet PC. The initial shipment will be for 12,000 tablets, and these are expected to come to students and teachers across 52 schools in 17 provinces, including the most populated cities – Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. The tablets have been produced by General Mobile and Samsung, and come with a specially designed frame to protect them from being dropped. All of the tablets are able to connect to the internet, and have been loaded with ninth-grade textbooks. A team [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 6, 20120 comments

Kazakhstan to bring tablets to all school children by 2020

Kazakhstan is aiming to bring tablets to all school pupils in the next few years as part of its electronic learning programme. The country, which is said to be the ninth largest in the world, aims to have purchased 83,000 tablets for use in schools by 2020, although these tablets are unlikely to replace textbooks, as they have done in some schools in the US and Japan. This programme has also been devised to introduce high-speed Internet access across the country, and a beta version of the program is already in operation in 44 schools. Kazakhstan’s intention to introduce tablets in schools follows recent announcements from the governments of Turkey and Zimbabwe. [...]
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 14, 20110 comments

Turkish companies want to help bring tablets to 15 million students

According to the Sabah newspaper, which cited industry minister Nihat Ergun as its source, the group is made up of Arcelik, Vestel, Netas Telekomunikasyon, Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret, Casper, and Exper. These companies are to collaborate with the Turkish government and Sabah suggested that the government may give preference to locally manufactured tablets. Back in August, Turkey announced its Faith Project, which aims to bring 15 million tablets to 600,000 classes across 40,000 schools in the next four years. The Turkish government is already believed to have held positive meetings with representatives from Apple and Microsoft.
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 8, 20110 comments
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