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What is a meme?

We see them everywhere we go: memes. But what is a meme, and how did the trend get started? That's exactly what we explore in this article!
avatarby Tab TimesJune 16, 20170 comments

New MacBook Pro not recommended by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is not recommending the new MacBook Pro notebooks, due to inconsistent battery results.
avatarby John CallahamDecember 26, 20160 comments

Dell’s smart desk PC concept from 2014 will be revealed at CES 2017

Dell has confirmed that a video showing a concept for a "smart desk" PC will soon be a real product, with a formal reveal at CES 2017.
avatarby John CallahamNovember 3, 20160 comments

CMRA wristband for Apple Watch adds two cameras for quick photos and videos

The CMRA wristband for the Apple Watch is available for pre-order, adding two cameras to the smartwatch for taking photos and videos without a phone.
avatarby John CallahamNovember 3, 20160 comments

Apple announces new ‘TV’ app for tvOS and iOS

This morning, Apple announced a new app for Apple TV, simply called 'TV'.
avatarby Edgar CervantesOctober 27, 20160 comments

Stay up to date with Apple on Twitter

Apple just started tweaking its official Twitter page recently ahead of the iPhone 7 launch event on September 7, but there are a ton of other Apple accounts that exist for different purposes.
avatarby Dan BartramSeptember 4, 20160 comments

Apple’s Twitter account gets active ahead of iPhone 7 event

Apple claimed the @apple username on Twitter over 5 years ago in September 2011 but it since stayed dormant.
avatarby Dan BartramSeptember 3, 20160 comments
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