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Best smart helmets – keep your head safe while you ride!

We take a look at all of best smart helmets you can currently buy,including ones made for motorcycles, bicycles and more.
avatarby Edgar CervantesJuly 9, 20170 comments

Razer launches new Blade Pro with faster CPU and RAM plus THX certification

The new Razer Blade Pro will hit the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France in April, starting at $3,999.99.
avatarby Scott Adam GordonMarch 29, 20170 comments

Best games on Steam

Your time and money are valuable, so we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a list with some of the best games available on Steam.
avatarby Edgar CervantesDecember 6, 20160 comments

Apple enables single sign-on for cable subscribers in their TV apps

Apple has added a way for cable TV subscribers to simply sign in once to access all the cable restricted apps and content in iOS and Apple TV.
avatarby John CallahamDecember 6, 20160 comments

Demand for MacBook Pro increasing supply orders

The new MacBook Pro is not only Apple's most successful laptop, but has outside every competing laptop in just five days. So much so, that Apple are increasing the supply demand to keep up with sales.
avatarby Dan BartramNovember 9, 20160 comments

Best iPhone 7 deals

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were just released, so there are not many deals around yet. Any help is valuable, though, so we are here to tell you about the best offers around.
avatarby Edgar CervantesOctober 10, 20161 comments

iPad Air likely to be followed by iPad Pro for business users, say analysts

Two leading market researchers said that the decision to swerve the iPad 5 moniker for iPad Air was a sure sign that a bigger, and more powerful, iPad could soon be on the horizon. "The name change is likely intentional. Everything that Apple articulates it does for a reason," RW Bair analyst Will Power told USA Today. "Developing an iPad that is better designed for productivity is something that could very well make sense. (Worth reading: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak dings the iPad Air & Apple launches iPad Air and Retina Display iPad mini) Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster concurs and thinks that any such ‘iPad Pro’ would be [...]
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 24, 20130 comments
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