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Washington Post releases election coverage app for iPad

The app, named Post Politics, combines the Washington Post's breaking news, political analysis, and polling data with a library of TV ads and historical data going all the way back to the first U.S. presidential election. The app also allows readers to track candidates by their positions and coverage on political issues, and an interactive map allows readers to quickly gauge relative popularity in specific states. Executive Editor Marcus Baruchli said that Post Politic offers "a visually rich and engaging way to follow the 2012 presidential election." Downloading Post Politics is free, but a $2.99 upgrade fee grants readers access to premium and [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 28, 20120 comments

Research: Print newspapers are dying, tablets will replace desktops

The report is entitled ‘Is America at a digital turning point?’ and was compiled by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg centre for the digital future. The report is due to be released next month. The university argued that just four major American dailies – the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today – will exist in print form by 2016. "Circulation of print newspapers continues to plummet, and we believe that the only print newspapers that will survive will be at the extremes of the medium – the largest and the smallest”, said the centre’s director, Jeffrey [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 20, 20110 comments
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