avatarby Edgar CervantesMarch 12, 20170 comments

Apple Park

Apple’s new campus is scheduled for an April launch after a long wait since its 2011 announcement. They seem to be taking their sweet time with it, and the building still won’t be completely finished when staff begins moving in, but at least we are seeing a more finished product now. Want to take a look at it in more detail?

Here is a set of aerial photos showing the building’s progression over time. We have seen plenty of images and drone videos with Apple Park as the main subject, but none of them really beat the quality of the photos we are taking a look at today. These are provided by Nearmap, an Australian company that specializes in high-quality aerial photography.

Said photos cover a couple years of the construction time – from August 2014 to August 2016. This means we can’t really see it the way it is now, but it is still interesting to check out how the building begins to take shape.

What used to look like a gargantuan donut now closely resembles a spaceship out of a sci-fi movie. Take a good look at these, as most of it will be restricted to the general public. There will be a visitor center, though, fully equipped with an Apple Store and cafe. Some of you may also be able to step into the Steve Jobs Theater, if there is ever some kind of event you can attend there.

Apple Park is a dream for employees. The building is completely powered by renewable energy. And knowing Apple, there will be plenty of goodies to see and have. The company plans to have over 9,000 native and drought-resistant trees, as well as over two miles of walking and running paths for its employees.

Inside the building’s ring, there will also be an orchard, meadow and pond. The main building will include a 100,000-square-foot fitness center for employees, and of course it will include new “secure research and development facilities” to help workers create new software and hardware projects.

Pretty neat, right?