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There’s a ton of considerations involved when optimizing your PC work space, from the traditional or standing desk you use to the monitor, chair, and – of course – the keyboard. Using a keyboard that is more ergonomic or comfortable in design has many advantages, including faster typing and less strain while getting work done.

Choosing the right keyboard is very important, but there’s no shortage of options out there. With the goal of making your life a bit easier when it comes to finding the right keyboard, here are our top picks.

Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Best Ergonomic Keyboard

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If you are in the market for an ergonomic keyboard but want a more modern and stylish option, then the Microsoft Sculpt may be the right choice for you.

This keyboard offers a split design to allow you to type while your hands are in their natural positions. This keyboard is wireless and also includes a separate numeric pad to put wherever you’d like. Each key is also uniquely shaped to fit the contour of your fingertips for a greater typing experience.

Check out the Microsoft Sculpt for $69.19 at the link below!

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Logitech Mk550 Wave wireless keyboard/mouse combo

Logitech Mk550 Best Ergonomic Keyboard

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Logitech is known for their peripherals, including keyboards and mouses. In a logical move, they decided to combine these two and offer the Mk550 Wave keyboard and mouse combo.

Not only do you get a full featured wireless ergonomic keyboard with a bunch of function keys to do just about anything you can think of, you also get a wireless mouse included in the package.

This keyboard does not offer a split 3D typing surface like the Microsoft Sculpt, but the Wave does offer a, well, wave design that contours to the natural angles that your hands are in while typing. It is also worth noting that the mouse and keyboard use the same single nano receiver, so you only need to dedicate one USB port for this pair.

Be sure to see the Wave starting at $54.25 at the link below!

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Microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000

Microsoft 4000 Best Ergonomic Keyboard

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If wireless is not your thing or you are on more of a budget, then the Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard is a great choice. Even though this keyboard is less expensive, the quality is still top notch, offering a split 3D typing surface similar to the Sculpt along with enough function keys to do just about anything you can possibly think of.

This keyboard is wired, as I mentioned, but this may not matter much, as this will more likely be used with a desktop, which almost never moves.

Check it out at the link below for $34.83!

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Kinesis Corporation KB800PB-US keyboard

Kinesis Best Ergonomic Keyboard

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This is a very different option on our list, to say the least. All of these keyboard on this list have fixed angles that they are made to make them more ergonomic, but that angle may not be quite right for you.

This is where the Kinesis Corporation KB800PB-US comes in, this keyboard is essentially two, allowing for you to choose the exact angle that you find the most comfortable. This is a nice option to have you are very particular on how you type. This keyboard, along with separate accessories offered, allow for complete three dimensional control on how each side is positioned. This keyboard is not wireless, but rather connects through USB.

Check out all of the options for Windows and Mac at the link below starting at $89.00!

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Corsair Gaming K70 mechanical keyboard

Corsair K70 Best Ergonomic Keyboard

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While this keyboard is not technically in the “ergonomic” category, there is a lot to be said about mechanical keyboards and their ease of use and comfort.

I personally use this keyboard’s bigger brother, the Corsair Gaming K95 RGB, and I have found typing to be a very satisfying experience. Since my job consists of writing quite a bit, I wanted something that had a great response while being reliable and comfortable.

What makes this keyboard, and every other mechanical keyboard, special is the way the keys actually work. Under each key there is a switch that actuates every time you press down, this is what registers the key being pressed. This is different than the standard O-ring approach used in the other keyboards on this list. This allows for a shorter and easier key travel, creating a very fluid typing experience. You can find out more about how mechanical keyboard switches work from Cherry, who makes the switches in this particular keyboard.

Pair this with Corsair’s excellent aircraft aluminum build with media controls, macro support and nth key rollover, you get one of the best keyboards made. Period.

There are many options to look at, including different key switches to fit you personal taste, along with different backlight colors and an RGB model. Check them all out at the link below starting at $99.99!

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Monoprice Enthusiast mechanical keyboard

Monoprice Enthusiast best ergonomic keyboard

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As I mentioned with the Corsair offering above, mechanical keyboards are really something special, and can offer great ergonomics and ease of use that are hard to beat.

However, the Corsair K70 is pretty expensive, and the K95 RGB is even more so. You do not need to spend that much if you want a mechanical keyboard but do not need the absolute best out there. The Monoprice Enthusiast is a great offering for just about half the price, but there are some downsides compared to a more expensive offering.

This keyboard offers a no ghosting promise but only offers a 10 key rollover. This is not that big of a deal in most cases, but it is something to note if you play games with intricate and fast button pressing. Speaking of buttons, there are two different key switch options: “red” and “blue”. These are generic versions of Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Blue switches that are found in more expensive keyboards. But does this matter? Probably not in practice, but it is something to keep in mind.

As far as lighting, this keyboard does not have full RGB support, but does offer different color options, patterns and illumination levels to give you a fair bit of customization.

The Monoprice Enthusiast mechanical keyboard is great option if you want a mechanical keyboard but do not want to break the bank. The build quality is great and the backlighting really makes it nice to type when it is dark.

Check it out at the link below for $56.45!

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Wrap Up

Choosing a keyboard is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly, especially if you do a lot of typing throughout the day. The right choice may be an ergonomic keyboard or mechanical keyboard like the Corsair K70 if you have to write papers or do quite a bit of school work on a regular basis.

What keyboard do you use? Let us know in the comments!