avatarby Edgar CervantesFebruary 1, 20170 comments

You can no longer use your Touch Bar on the State Bar Exam. A little ironic, isn’t it?

As it stands, multiple states in the US have banned the Touch Bar model of the MacBook Pro from being used during the test. While some states, such as North Carolina are allowing the devices to be used as long as the feature is disabled, a lot of other regions are a bit more strict. California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have outright banned the model all-together, meaning those who bring the laptop to the exam will be forced to take it by hand.

While none of the exam commissioners have explained exactly why they are banning the notebook from the exam, we can infer that it has something to do with the possibility of cheating. Since developers can create their own custom buttons and sliders to use on the Touch Bar, the board is likely worried that students will program the answers to various questions into the notebook for viewing during the exam. The predictive text functionality of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar could also be the culprit.

While this is a pretty unlikely scenario, we’re impressed that the commissioners are taking these kind of steps to prevent exam manipulation. As technology advances like this, there are going to have to be a whole lot of confusing rules to ban all different types of technology to prevent cheating. Remember Google Glass? A similar thing happened with that product, and it is bound to happen again as technology gets more and more woven into our daily lives.

What do you think of the ban? Is it warranted? We might be better off returning to completely written tests in the future.