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Apple iPad FaceTime

From the beginning of mobile phones, the purpose of all of technology has been one thing: communication. This purpose remains true today, but perhaps in different forms, including the addition of chat and email messaging over top of SMS, and video calls in place of audio only conversation. The aptly named FaceTime does just this, providing video calls on your Apple devices over both a Wi-Fi and a Cellular connection, but how do you use it and what can it do? Let’s find out!

Here is how to use FaceTime on iPad

While the instructions to use similar services like Skype or Hangouts would vary somewhat from platform to platform, FaceTime benefits from only operating on Apple devices in that regard. And the steps to get video chatting are really easy.

Most modern iPads come with FaceTime pre-installed, making setup a breeze, but you will need an iPad 2 or newer to play along.

Apple iPad FaceTime Steps

Open the app and log in with your Apple ID. You could have also logged in from the FaceTime entry in Settings.

Once logged in, simply choose a contact from your list or type in the email address of the person you would like to contact.

At the very top will be the option to choose between a video or just audio call. It defaults to video, so you are good to go.

Tap on your chosen contact, or email address you’ve entered to begin the call.

It’s that easy.

Be forewarned, there is no buffer zone like you may be accustomed to having on Google Hangouts, where you can see yourself before you join the call, once you hit that button, and the other person accepts the call, you are live.

What else can you do with FaceTime?

The simple mechanics of FaceTime provide just this simple ability to make audio or video calls with friends and family. The additional functionality found is in the details, the contact database details, more than anything.

Apple iPad FaceTime extra

Tap the exclamation button to the right of a contact’s name, this enters an Info section that allows you to view a history of FaceTime conversations with the contact, initiate another call, or manage this user in your Contact list. Last of all, if it comes to it, tap that Block this Caller button to make the person go away.

There you have it, it is super easy to use FaceTime on iPad, the only thing stopping you now is finding someone to talk with.

Are you a frequent user of FaceTime on iPad, or do you opt for the other video chat services out there?